January 28, 2016

The Play-Along Bible

Imagining God’s Story through Motion and Play!

The Play-Along Bible, written by Bob Hartman, and illustrated by Susie Poole, is an adorable, interactive way to introduce children to stories in God’s Word. This allows them to Play-Along (following the prompts) as you read each line of the narrative. The stories are steadily paced, easy to understand, and perfect for daily reading-time rituals.

Appearance: The hardback book is encased in a thick cushiony cover, decorated with colorful images of people, flying creatures, and nature.

Contents: The book contains a table of contents, a brief letter to parents and caregivers explaining what to expect from the book, and continues on to the 102 one-page Bible stories.

Each story section contains:
            * The title, with pertaining verse(s)
            * The story, with action prompts in parentheses
            * A full-page and a half of fun and colorful drawings

In God’s Image
Genesis 1:24-31; 2:4-7, 21:23

God said, “Animals!”
And there were wild animals, (Roar like a lion.)
Farm animals, (Moo like a cow.)
And creepy, crawly animals too.
(Move your fingers like a spider.)

Illustrations: Every story is illustrated with charming drawings sure to capture kids’ attention. I like that the characters are various ages and diverse cultures.

My thoughts: This adorable book makes discovering the Bible fun for children and adults. It’s important to spend time with our young ones, and what a blessing it is to know you’re instilling them with not only knowledge and morals, but priceless memories as well.

I recommend this book to any parent, grandparent, or caregiver who wishes to share God’s Word with their little treasures.

5 Stars!

Cover: Love it
Title: Love it
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.
Pages: 112
Target audience: 3-6 year age range

I received a review copy from Tyndale Publishers.

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