February 22, 2016

The Girl From the Train

The Girl From the Train, by Irma Joubert, is a beautifully written story. Books that have a WWII setting or deal with the Holocaust have always interested me. Though GFTT takes place during this time period, I’m mostly drawn in by the heart-touching relationship between two fascinating characters. The story captured my attention from the heart-pounding first lines and didn’t let go.

“Let go!” her grandmother said. She held on for dear life. The metal edge bit into her fingers. Her frantic feet searched for a foothold in the air.

This story centers on the unique bond between Gretl Schmidt and Jakob Kowalski, and how their lives are forever change by the pain, guilt, and sufferings of wartime, racist hostilities, and each other.

I love how the author has zoomed in on these two lives, seemingly making the rest of the world fade into the backdrop. With a strong focus on Gretl and Jakob’s circumstances, I experienced this world through their eyes…their hearts.

He saw a light drilling a tunnel through the darkness and felt shock shoot through his body. “The train is coming from the wrong direction!” he exclaimed. “It can’t be the—”

This story is layered, heartrending, and satisfying.

Thank you to Booklook and NetGalley for providing me review copies of this book.

5 Stars!

Cover: Like
Title: Love
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Pages: 384
Pace: Steady

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