February 11, 2016

Until the Dawn

“Legend says the lad never got over it, but others suspect that the boy killed his own father, for he inherited forty million dollars the day his father died.” (excerpt)

Until the Dawn, by Elizabeth Camden, is a story with a myriad of emotions, interesting, unique characters, and believable dialogue with a witty flair.

This story takes place in 1900s New York, and is a Beauty and the Beast type of story. In a unique story plot, Sophie van Riijn hopes to establish an official weather station in her town. She also faces the task of convincing the owner of an old mansion not to demolish it because of tragedy of its history, and the legends attached to it. She is determined to keep the mansion intact and to establish the new, permanent weather station on it’s roof.

From the GORGEOUS cover art, to the intriguing first lines, this story drew me in quickly. Although the story contains somewhat predictable romance, this storyline is like none other I’ve read. The characters are so diverse, and the plot is so atypical and stimulating.

I experienced so many emotions within its pages, and could relate to Sophie’s optimistic ways. Though the pacing seemed to lag in some places, this story is both entertaining and touching. I could easily see this story as a movie.

4 stars

Cover: LOVE it
Title: Love it
Publisher: Bethany House Publishers
Pages: 353
First lines: “That’s where the body was found, floating facedown in the river,” an ominous voice intoned. “He was stone-cold dead.”

* I received a review copy from the publisher.

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