March 22, 2016

I Said Yes

A minute or two passed before my tranquility was cut short by a blond-haired guy with playful eyes, a strong jawline, and a sling on his arm. Good-looking with a boyish charm—this was an interruption I gladly welcomed. ~chapter two

I Said Yes, My Story of Heartbreak, Redemption, and True Love, by Emily Maynard Jackson, is an interesting peek into Emily’s life from her childhood in West Virginia, all the way to her present husband. It reveals her years growing up, meeting Ricky Hendrick (race car driver and father of her child) and his tragic death. It tells much about her time on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette (I’m a fan of both shows) and she ends with her present life with her husband and her trust in the Lord.

I really enjoyed Emily on both shows. Her spirit is sweet and I believe her intentions were pure. She’s an interesting woman with morals and goals, and a good portrait of a southern raising.

What I wish this book contained was a deeper understanding of Emily and her faith. I feel she is honest and forthcoming—to a point, but everything seems like it is superficial. I wanted to dig deeper. She seems to be very reserved, and doesn’t reveal her innermost feelings. The information is…simplistic? I don’t know—just not as deep and enlightening as I’d hoped it would be. I wanted to know more. More about the ‘secrets’ of the show. More about the men she liked and disliked—and why. More about her present husband. And most importantly, more about her faith.

The book is interesting, and it’s an easy read. If you’re a fan of either show, (Bachelor or Bachelorette) then I’m sure you will find enjoy it as a whole. But if you’re hoping for deep and profound revelations of Emily’s faith and experiences, you might be let down just a tad.

Overall, the narration is a bit simplistic, and the autobiography is less revealing than I’d hoped, but it’s an easy read and kept my interest.

4 Stars

Cover: Like
Title: Like
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Pages: 240
Pace: Steady
First Lines: My shoulders shook violently. In between heaving sobs I tried, unsuccessfully, to sputter out something semi-coherent to one of my producers on The Bachelorette who had fast become a close friend.

I received a Review Copy from BookLook.

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