April 21, 2016

40 Nights (DVD Review)

"For we walk by faith, not by sight" 2 Corinthians 5:7 (KJV)

I’ve seen many films depicting the life of Jesus Christ—his birth, ministry, death, and resurrection, but I’ve never before seen one focused on the 40 days/nights he spent in the desert. 40 Nights is truly a unique, and intriguing movie that gives me a new perspective on the humanness of Jesus, and the incredible struggles and sacrifices he made long before being crucified.

This is not a high-intensity, action-packed movie. It delivers an unhurried journey alongside our Savior as the devil tries, and ultimately fails, to make Him stumble. The language is easy to understand, and has somewhat of a contemporary feel. In a sense, this makes it easier to relate to the circumstances, because I can imagine going through some of the trials and knowing I wouldn’t have had even close to enough strength to endure what He endured.

I was especially impressed with the actors who portrayed Satan (Rance Howard, devil as an old man, and Taymour Gazi, devil as a man.) Taymour is convincing as a conniving and creepy devil, believable without going over-the-top. And Rance is steady and someone authoritarian in his approach. Their arguments and determination as the fallen angel are bold, yet, as we all know, futile.

With an opening scene of Jesus’s baptism, the movie covers much of His early life through flashbacks and memories. And the closing scene is unusual and potent. For a unique perspective of the temptations of Christ, I recommend 40 Nights. You can purchase this, and many other Christian DVDs, at FishFlix.com

Cover: Love
Title: Love
Pace: Steady
Runtime: 88 minutes
Genre: Christian Movie/Not Rated
The DVD does not have extras, such as deleted scenes, casting, etc.

I received a Review Copy of this DVD from FishFlix

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