April 22, 2016

Flirtation Walk

Flirtation Walk is the second book I’ve read by Siri Mitchell, the first being Like a Flower in Bloom. I’m so enthralled by Ms. Mitchell’s writing style. She has a talent for drawing the reader into a scene as if they are part of her cast. Her imagery is tangible, and she skillfully carries you to another place and time.

“Footsteps scuffed across the floor inside. I heard the latch lifting. As the door cracked open, the scent of supper, of a roast, of onions and carrots, and freshly baked bread, drifted out.” ~Lucinda, chapter one.

Lucinda Pennyworth is a gritty young woman, determined to reinvent herself, and Seth Westcott is an Army cadet, unwavering in his quest for revenge against the man who swindled his family. There are many historical references that give a strong sense of this pre-Civil War time period, and the secondary characters add a fullness to the story.

I knew I would never think of her as anything but plucky. She’d understood her uncle’s insult the same way I had, but she’d simply lifted her chin and smiled all the wider.  ~Seth, chapter two.

Full of wit, history, and heart, Flirtation Walk is a delightful display of a spirited woman facing her past and struggling to make a new and better beginning.

Cover: Okay
Title: Love
Publisher: Bethany House Publishers
Pages: 384
First Lines: The churning of the steamboat was relentless as it chugged down the Hudson River.

I received a review copy from the publisher.

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