April 27, 2016

Spy of Richmond

Spy of Richmond, by Jocelyn Green, is book 4 of the Heroines Behind the Lines series.

Though I’ve read many war-inspired historical fiction stories, I haven’t read many that take place during the Civil War. What an interesting, and devastating time. I was lured into the story and time from the first page.

Blending history and fiction, Ms. Green created an intriguing story of the hardships of war, and the sacrifices of fighting for what you believe in. I love that Sophie Kent, the heroine, is strong and daring. Many times, in wartime stories, female characters are depicted as helpers, supporters, or victims. I love that Sophie illustrates a determined and resilient woman.

With demoralizing situations and difficult decisions to make, the reader is pulled through a wide range of emotions, and the test of faith delivers a profound message.

This is a solid story, steeped in history and emotion, and shares a Christian message of faith, sacrifice, and freedom.

Publisher: River North
Pages: 432
ISBN: 978-0802405791
First Line (prologue): It is madness.

I received a review copy from the Publisher.

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