May 17, 2016

All the Time in the World

Oftentimes tragedies in life set us on course to a new life, such as the story of Charlotte, a young music composer, in Caroline Angell’s debut novel, All the Time in the World.

Having been a babysitter and nanny when I was younger, I could relate to young Charlotte in many ways. Her struggles and uncertainties are believable, and unique.

Cons: The story kept me reading, but there were parts that were very tedious, and didn’t move the story forward. It left me skimming some parts. With a story heavy in dialogue, I expected to get a deeper sense of Charlotte, but sometimes she seemed flat, or perhaps needed better or more flaws.

Overall, this story kept my interest. It’s a coming of age story that pulls a variety of emotions from the reader, and deals with grief, healing, and the process of coming into ones own.

Cover: Love
Title: Love
Publisher: Holt Paperbacks
Pages: 336
Pace: Slow/Steady
First Line: The day she died was not beautiful.

I received a Review Copy from LibraryThing.

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