June 21, 2016

Punderdome (card game)

Punderdome is a punderfully pun game. It creates an atmosphere of laughter and silliness, and some head-shaking, eye-rolling, try-not-to-laugh moments.

I was surprised at how challenging this game really is. It takes a little time to get into ‘thinking mode” and trying to create clever puns from the prompts given, but soon the room is brimming with creativity and folly.

This simple card game can be played for a pastime, or utilized as a fabulous, fun giveaway tool! I like the mystery prize envelope, allowing the host of game night (or party, etc.) to provide simple or extravagant gifts/giveaways for participants.

Though somewhat challenging, especially for younger-than-teens, this game is a witty way to get families to put cellphones, and other technology away for a bit and interact with each other face-to-face.

If you enjoy card games, especially lighthearted, or plain ridiculousness and fun, I think you’ll be pleased with Punderdome. Definitely more fun for larger groups, but as few as three people can play.

4 Stars

I received a Review Copy of this game from BloggingForBooks.

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