June 3, 2016

TouchPoints Gift Edition: Words of Wisdom for every Need

This TouchPoints Gift Edition, Words of Wisdom for Every Need devotional is a beautiful and thoughtful gift. I’ve gotten several copies for gift-giving, and have kept one for myself. It’s inspiring and encouraging, and sure to lift whomever delves into it.

The book is small enough to take with you (purse, bag, etc.) but is huge on how it delivers. With short encouragements and answers to our questions, it leaves the reader feeling edified and at peace.

The cover is a pretty faux-leather with an embossed design, adding to both its appearance and durability. (The writing, shown in the photo above, is a cardboard wrap, not attached to the writing-free cover.) But the true treasure lies within. The topics are arranged alphabetically, so if, for instance, you’re feeling particularly lonely and need encouragement, you can flip through to L, or search the topic in the table of contents.

The book is approximately 6” x 4, has an attached red ribbon bookmark, and the verses included are from the NIV. It provides biblical thoughts to start your day or whenever you’re having a difficult time and are in need of guidance or reassurance.

5 Stars

Cover: Love it
Title: Like it
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers
Pages: 320

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