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Delilah: Treacherous Beauty

Another stunning biblical retelling by Angela Hunt! A lot of research and dedication goes into writing, especially when the characters are based on real people. Angela Hunt put a lot of care into the story of Delilah, who I feel I know so much better now. “…if the people of Gaza cannot accept your black skin, what makes you think they will accept mine?” ~Quote from the book Delilah…Treacherous Beauty is the third book in the three-part A Dangerous Beauty series. Each of these novels are spectacular and difficult to put down once you start them. (#1 Esther, 2014, Bathsheba, 2015, and #3 Delilah, 2016.) Ms. Hunt has developed an easy to read and relate story, even though this takes place during Old Testament times. I feel I’ve walked the ancient streets and experienced the hardships of that era. “Like hungry vultures, men would stop moving and remain still, their gazes fastened to me. If I happened to glance at their faces, their expressions made me feel that I was

Pop Manga Coloring Book

"A surreal journey through a cute, curious, bizarre, and beautiful world." Pop Manga Coloring Book , by Manga artist and Pop Surrealism superstar Camilla d’Errico, contains charming pencil drawings that emit so much emotion and detail. The book definitely has a pop feel to it. The expressions on the faces of these black and white illustrations are somewhat mesmerizing. I love the unique and quirky feel. The book includes 80 pages of black and white drawings to color, with scattered conversation bubbles of text throughout. It’s not difficult to get carried away and spend a-lot-of-time in this gel pen and coloring pencil world. The softbound book has a pretty colorable (front and backside) slipcover with dots of color. The pages are thick enough to assure no bleed through while using gel pens. I’m surprised at the current price of this book on Amazon—other coloring books, containing less pages, are much higher priced. Great deal. Awesome artwork.

When Calls the Heart ~ Season 3

Do you enjoy watching Christian Movies ? Are you a #Heartie? (#Hearties = fans of When Calls the Heart series) FishFlix has awesome opportunities below! When Calls the Heart  is a wholesome Hallmark TV and DVD series inspired by Janette Oke’s books about the Canadian West. It shares the story of Elizabeth Thatcher, a young high society teacher, who’s first teaching assignment is a small coalmining town. This so-called simple life provides many challenges, and Elizabeth must learn the ways of the Frontier in order to thrive in the rural west on her own.   PROMOTION #1: FREE DVD SET FREE Season 1 "Episodes" set  FOR EVERYONE WHO PREORDERS the Season3 Collector’s Edition from before October 11th.   If you already own season 1, this is a nice family-friendly Christmas gift for friends or family who are not yet familiar with the When Calls the Heart brand.   Keep Season 3, and give Season 1 as a gift. PROMOTION #2: Win a $1

Esther: A Novel

Esther , by Rebecca Kanner, is a lovely retelling of the biblical story of Queen Esther! I love how realistic this story feels--with the gritty, usually unsaid and unread atrocities of the day. I love the ease at which I sunk into this story, and   how much research the author put into this book. Ms. Kanner is a gifted writer who draws readers in from the first words. I often relate to the underdog, and root and cheer for them when they overcome life's obstacles. I experienced a myriad of emotion, reading this story, and it's going on my keeper shelf. “I could have told him I was descended from the great king David, the second king of Israel who had lived some five hundred years before, but then he would know I was a jew.” (Excerpt) Reading this book was very timely for me, with the racial (and otherwise) unrest in our world. It takes courage and persistence to overcome, and a huge responsibility to keep on keeping on. A brilliantly told story that is memor

Stars Over Sunset Boulevard (Audiobook)

Stars Over Sunset Boulevard , by Susan Meissner, is an interesting story for those of us who loved Gone With the Wind. Behind the scenes of the David Selznick movie come alive through two main characters, secretaries Violet Mayfield and Audrey Duvall (who is also an aspiring actress.) The story deals with their friendship, climb from painful pasts, and mutual hunger for success. I must say I enjoyed Ms. Meissner’s book/audio Secrets of a Charmed Life , more than I did this story. The characters in Charmed Life were more likeable and easy to relate to. Stars Over Sunset Boulevard ’s Violet and Audrey fell a little flat for me. I didn’t particularly like them in the beginning (although that changed somewhat the further I read/listened.) The streetcar lurched forward toward the foothills and the Hollywoodland sign as the first two stars of the night sky pierced the lavender horizon. (Excerpt) I feel the audiobook is probably more intriguing than the book, due to the ex