July 9, 2016

With Love From the Inside

With Love From the Inside, by Angela Pisel, is a heart-gripping story of a mother on death row, and her estranged daughter searching for the truth.

I love mother-daughter stories, and this is a powerful one. With alternating points of view, each chapter reveals more and more of these women and their growing distance through the years. With each page, the reader is drawn deeper and deeper into their lives, fully invested in their outcome.

With her life teetering on a rocky foundation of lies, Sophie Logan hides her past from the world—even her husband, as she battles through emotions of deception and pain. Will she find the truth behind her little brother’s death? Will her lies and unwillingness to forgive hinder her from the truest forms of love?

Grace Bradshaw, found guilty of murdering her infant son, has been “living” (if you want to call it that) on Death Row of the state penitentiary for seventeen years. When it is finally revealed that February 15th will be the date of her execution, she so desperately yearns to reconnect with her estranged daughter before then.

This story is much different than I first thought. It reaches far deeper than guilt and innocence, or life and death. In a sense, it reveals how we are all products of our childhoods, and we either succumb to the wrongs we’ve been dealt and become imprisoned by victimhood, or we grow from the variety of good and bad seeds planted in our path. Life isn’t always rosy, but where love blossoms, we win.

5 Stars!

Cover: Love
Title: Love
Publisher: Penguin Random House
Pages: 320
Pace: Steady

I received an Advanced Review Copy (ARC) from the publisher.

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