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An Unexplainable Life

“Then he opened their minds to understand the Scriptures.”.” ~Luke 24:45 An Unexplainable Life , by Erica Wiggenhorn, is a verse-by-verse study of the first 12 chapters of the book of Acts. The workbook is divided into 10 weeks, and devotes approximately half a dozen pages of homework to each day. I’m excited to continue this 50-day study, and to see how much this book will impact my thinking and gain a fresh understanding of Acts. I love the interactive design, the insightful questions presented, and the space to write in my responses. “Acts is the story of Christ’s mission becoming reality in the lives of his followers. To study it is an invitation for it to become your reality and mine.” ~Erica Wiggenhorn 4 Stars Cover: Okay Title: Like Publisher: Moody Publishers Pages: 288 I received a Review Copy from MPNews.

Mornings With Tozer

“Blessed is the man…his delight is in the law of the LORD.” ~Psalm1:1-2 Mornings With Tozer , by A. W. Tozer, contains 365 one-page devotions to begin your day. These devotional readings guide us in our Christian life and bring us closer to God. Many of them are derived from the author’s sermons. Even though he died in the early sixties, his teachings are still timely and stir a reader’s heart. Each devotional reading is dated and contains a descriptive title, Scripture verse (KJV), single-page devotion, and a short prayer paragraph. The messages edify the soul and prepare us for the start of a new day. The language is poetic and flows well, the works are organized neatly and the readings only take a few minutes. I enjoy starting my day with these meaningful morning messages. I also have the follow-up devotional, Evenings With Tozer—adding a second helping of daily blessings. 4 Stars Cover: Like Title: Like Publisher: Moody Publishers Pages:

Summer's List

Summer’s List, by Anita Higman, is different than most stories I read, so please keep that in mind while weighing my review. I love the premise of this book—Summer is sent on a quest by her grandmother, to fulfill a list of things-to-do in hopes of discovering God’s plan for her life. Doesn’t that sound unique and endearing? There are so many good things about this book, but there are others that bothered me and took me out of the story. First, the narration is wordy and doesn’t sound natural: e.g.   …he whirled off amidst the live harp music, which floated around them as did the scents of fine cuisine and expensive perfume, and the smell of money. Secondly, the dialogue doesn’t flow smoothly: e.g.   “ Never mind that. I know. I wasn’t listening. No matter what you would have said, I would have followed my own path. I only saw the glow of Elliot, and he’s quite the beacon, isn’t he?” Summer’s List is an interesting read, but would’ve been more enjoyable wi

Rise and Shine

Imagine waking up from a ten-year coma—especially in this technological world we live in. Imagine the changes and challenges! In this charming Sleeping Beauty-ish type story, that’s what Shannon Malone goes through. Rise and Shine, by Sandra D. Bricker, is a modern day fairytale with an upbeat and fun feel. It isn’t a re-telling, really, but more like it was inspired by the charming legend. “She jumped when the cold metal of his scope touched her back and she realized she wore one of those hospital gowns with the large, unfortunate opening in the back.” ~Excerpt from Chapter 1 To be honest, I noticed a few structural issues in the story (head-hoping) but my guess is most readers won’t notice or be bothered by them. Served with charm, faith, and humor, this satisfying story comes with a side of cheese. 4 Stars Cover:  Don't love Title: Love Publisher: River North Pages: 288 Pace: Steady First Lines (Chapter 1): “I’m Dr. Petros. I’m just

Jesus Talked to Me Today

Jesus Talked to Me Today is a compendium of true stories of children’s encounters with angels, miracles, and God. The book is compiled by James Stuart Bell, and is reminiscent of stories I remember my brother and I reading when we were kids—peeking into the experiences and encounters of the supernatural and spiritual kind. This book is a little different than what I expected. The child on the cover and the font used for the title gave me the impression that this was either a book for children, or to be read/shared with children, but I don’t necessarily recommend that. It is more like adults revealing the encounters and experiences they had years ago—when they were young. With that said, this is an enjoyable and inspiring read. I’ve no doubt we entertain angels (sometimes unawares) for the Bible tells says so—and have experienced things similar to some in this book. It is comforting, assuring, and in some ways eerie, but mainly affirming. God is with us; he comforts us