August 21, 2016

Fiction-Writing Modes

Fiction-Writing Modes, by Mike Klaassen, prompted me to rethink how I write. I have many helpful writing books on my shelf, but this one is unique. It not only reveals eleven tools for bringing my stories to life, but also actually caused me to rethink how they are structured.

The tips the author provides are practical and beneficial. Yes, I found some things repetitious of other technique books, but what I learned outweighed what I already knew.

The eleven modes (or as I like to call them, expressions) of fiction writing are: Sensation, Emotion, Introspection, Recollection, Action, Summarization, Conversation, Narration, Description, Exposition, and Transition. I gained something from each section, but found the Transition and Conversation devices and advice most advantageous.

From using the five senses, to the glossary of fiction writing terms, this book is chockfull of stimulating, effective, and respected techniques and treasures. It’s a great go-to guide for any writer. The organization allows you to find just what you need, and the wording is easy to follow.

I have the ebook, but highly recommend the paperback. I prefer flipping to particular modes or highlighted texts more easily. Either way, the information is sure to influence and benefit the way you write fiction.

4 Stars

Cover: Okay
Title: Like it
Publisher: BookBaby
Pages: 234
ISBN: 978-1682221006

I received an Advance Reader Review Copy from StoryCartel.

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