August 23, 2016

Jesus Talked to Me Today

Jesus Talked to Me Today is a compendium of true stories of children’s encounters with angels, miracles, and God. The book is compiled by James Stuart Bell, and is reminiscent of stories I remember my brother and I reading when we were kids—peeking into the experiences and encounters of the supernatural and spiritual kind.

This book is a little different than what I expected. The child on the cover and the font used for the title gave me the impression that this was either a book for children, or to be read/shared with children, but I don’t necessarily recommend that. It is more like adults revealing the encounters and experiences they had years ago—when they were young.

With that said, this is an enjoyable and inspiring read. I’ve no doubt we entertain angels (sometimes unawares) for the Bible tells says so—and have experienced things similar to some in this book. It is comforting, assuring, and in some ways eerie, but mainly affirming.

God is with us; he comforts us, and works in our lives in mysterious and miraculous ways. It is with childlike faith and vulnerability that we are most open to recognize God’s messages and messengers.

The bottom line: The book contains approximately forty stories with diverse experiences and outcomes. Some are detailed, evocative, and stimulating, and others are somewhat vague and vapid.

4 Stars

Cover: Okay
Title: Okay
Publisher: Bethany House
Pages: 240
ISBN: 978-07621227

I received a Review Copy from Bethany House and NetGalley . 

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