August 19, 2016

Moments & Days

Moments & Days, by Michelle Van Loon, is a rousing, informative, and encouraging read that helps us structure our time and faith in a more productive and profitable way.

By studying the history and significance of feasts of the Old Testament and holidays of the Christian calendar, we experience a richer everyday life. Time is a precious gift that we unfortunately tend to overlook, but this book makes us more aware of how special our moments and days are.

“The holy days aren’t a pile-on of additional to-dos for your busy life. They are instead a way for you to create intentionality in the way you live the gift of eternal life God has given you through his Son.” ~ Excerpt from the Introduction.

This book is an easy and fast read. It flows smoothly, and inspires readers to be more aware of how they spend their moments and days.

4 Stars

Cover: Like it
Title: Love it
Publisher: NavPress
Pages: 240
ISBN: 978-1631464638

I received a Review Copy from Tyndale House.

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