August 23, 2016

Rise and Shine

Imagine waking up from a ten-year coma—especially in this technological world we live in. Imagine the changes and challenges! In this charming Sleeping Beauty-ish type story, that’s what Shannon Malone goes through.

Rise and Shine, by Sandra D. Bricker, is a modern day fairytale with an upbeat and fun feel. It isn’t a re-telling, really, but more like it was inspired by the charming legend.

“She jumped when the cold metal of his scope touched her back and she realized she wore one of those hospital gowns with the large, unfortunate opening in the back.” ~Excerpt from Chapter 1

To be honest, I noticed a few structural issues in the story (head-hoping) but my guess is most readers won’t notice or be bothered by them.

Served with charm, faith, and humor, this satisfying story comes with a side of cheese.

4 Stars

Cover: Don't love
Title: Love
Publisher: River North
Pages: 288
Pace: Steady
First Lines (Chapter 1): “I’m Dr. Petros. I’m just going to shine a light into your eyes for a closer look.”

I received a Review Copy from the publisher.

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