August 24, 2016

Summer's List

Summer’s List, by Anita Higman, is different than most stories I read, so please keep that in mind while weighing my review.

I love the premise of this book—Summer is sent on a quest by her grandmother, to fulfill a list of things-to-do in hopes of discovering God’s plan for her life. Doesn’t that sound unique and endearing?

There are so many good things about this book, but there are others that bothered me and took me out of the story.

First, the narration is wordy and doesn’t sound natural:
e.g.  …he whirled off amidst the live harp music, which floated around them as did the scents of fine cuisine and expensive perfume, and the smell of money.

Secondly, the dialogue doesn’t flow smoothly:
e.g.  Never mind that. I know. I wasn’t listening. No matter what you would have said, I would have followed my own path. I only saw the glow of Elliot, and he’s quite the beacon, isn’t he?”

Summer’s List is an interesting read, but would’ve been more enjoyable with a more natural voice and language. The hitches I experienced due to the narration and dialogue may not bother you at all, but it kept me from becoming as invested as I’d hoped.

3 Stars

Cover: Okay
Title: Love
Publisher: River North
Pages: 288
First Lines: The engagement ring was stuck—just like her life. Summer glanced toward the heavens and sighed the sigh of love gone awry. Again.

I received a Review Copy from the publisher.

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