August 22, 2016

The Things We Knew

The Things We Knew, by Catherine West, is full of memorable characters with convincing strengths and weaknesses. And the Island setting off of Cape Cod makes a wonderful character of its own. The cover is lovely and caught my eye, and the title is weighty and reflective.

"She’d prayed for the memory of that day to be restored for years now, yet it remained as blank as a new canvas. Perhaps it was better this way. Perhaps it was time to let it go." ~Excerpt from Chapter One

I love how the family dynamics in this story feel real. Nobody remembers things the same way, or deals with them in the same matter. For some it shatters them, for others, they manage to move on. I lost my mother when I was a teen, and my family members grieved and moved past it in diverse ways and at a different pace. Age, personality, and willingness or unwillingness to remember, forget, forgive, heal, etc. put us each on different paths.

Woven with peeks at faith, the story deals with family, commitment, and forgiveness. This is a compelling redemption story with distinctive and diverse characters.

4 Stars

Cover: Love
Title: Love
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Pages: 352
Pace: Fast/Steady
First Lines: Sometimes in the dead of night, Lynette Carlisle heard her mother’s voice. Sometimes it was easy to forget her mother had been dead twelve years.

I received a Review Copy from the publisher via BookLook.

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