August 22, 2016

When Mountains Move

When Mountains Move, by Julie Cantrel, is a sequel to the book Into the Free. I haven’t read the first in the series. I must say though, from the first two lines (at the end of my review) I was drawn into the story. This is a compelling and fast-paced read, and I enjoyed getting to know Bump and Millie, but I wish I’d read the first book so I would’ve known the characters better, their backstory, and provocations.

“Always can find someone who have more pain, more hurt than you. Always can find someone who need help. And you always have something to give. Even when you think you have nothing.” ~Excerpt

I know what it’s like for a young couple moving away and starting life anew, but never experienced the harshness and uncertainty that Millie went through beginning her quest to turn an abandoned Colorado farm into a operational cattle ranch—especially while harboring a secret.

With elements of faith and redemption, this is an absorbing, sometimes severe story on its own—but recommend reading book one of the series first. (I plan to backtrack and read it next.)

4 Stars

Cover: Love
Title: Love
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Pages: 384
Pace: Fast/Steady
First Lines: Church bells strike to announce the hour. My body quakes from the force of the sound, and again from the force of the man, uninvited.

I received a Review Copy from the publisher via BookLook.

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