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Feast for Thieves

Preaching or prison. An impossible choice for a man who usually solves his problems with a rifle or his fists. ~back cover I love it when I can easily sink into a book without trudging through backstory, or trying to find something I relate to in the main character. This is a charming story of a bad guy gone good. It is filled with life lessons, humor, and heart. Sergeant Rowdy Slater is a well-developed character, and the plot is well rounded with interesting secondary characters. I love the first person point of view, and easily delved into Rowdy’s psyche.   I wondered how I might find that good meal, the one the voice was talking about, and eat my fill. ~excerpt from chapter one I don’t normally read books by male authors, or with male main characters, but really enjoyed Feast For Thieves, by Marcus Brotherton. It’s a lovely and witty story dealing with faith, forgiveness, and redemption. 4 Stars Cover: Like Title: Like Publisher: Ri

Your Marriage Masterpiece

“Let us lift the veil and explore the great Artist’s work. Perhaps we can discover what our marriages should look like and how they can shine in their intended colors.” ~excerpt from prologue, Restoring the Masterpiece Your Marriage Masterpiece is a well-structured look at how God intended marriage to shine, and how our culture has caused it to lose its luster. Marriage is like a house—it will either thrive on a sturdy foundation, or, if built upon the sand, will crumble and fall. In all honesty, the contents of this book weren’t at all what I expected. I had the notion that it would focus on keeping our marriages strong and fulfilling. In a sense, it is. But I feel it focuses more on marriages that are in trouble. Dealing with strong issues with commitment and selfishness, etc. Rather than an uplifting encouraging pick-me-up, it is more of a guide to strengthen a failing or humdrum marriage. I’m in a very happy and fulfilling marriage, centered on God, family, and

Wreck My Life (Audiobook)

Wreck My Life , by Mo Isom, is much more than a sports story or memoir. It’s an honest and forthright display of how God worked through the rises and falls in this young woman’s life. Mo opens herself up and leads the reader through her personal struggles and victories with honesty and grace. It’s easy to sink into her story and be inspired by her strength and faith. Through good times and bad, God is with us, and His love is unmistakable. Affecting quotes from the book: “When I was growing up, my family looked good on the outside. Really good. We all begin with the best of intentions. Wreckage is never planned.” “Maybe if we can singlehandedly control where all the cards fall, we can live up to the world’s expectations of us. To our parents’ expectation of us. To our own expectation of us. Maybe. Or maybe, just maybe, we’re missing the point.”   Audio Narration: Mo Isom , the author, narrates her own story. Her voice is clear and flows smoothly, filled with genuine e

Under the Tuscan Sun

You won’t hear (or see) me say (or write) this very often, but in the case of Under the Tuscan Sun , by Frances Mayes, I enjoyed the movie much more than the book. [Gasp!] Could it be true? I can only think of two other instances that I could say that without laughing afterward, because books out-rule, out-inspire, and out-last more than 99.9% of all movies (in my opinion.) With that said, there were parts of this story that I really enjoyed. I liked the poetic style of the author and the emotions conveyed, but favored them mainly because I could picture scenes from the movie. If you haven’t seen the movie (which, by the way is spectacular,) I think you might enjoy this book better than I did. I love descriptions, but feel the book over does it. Not a bad book, but not exactly what I was expecting. I’ve been to Tuscany several times, and don’t think the book captured as much of its charm as it could have. 3 Stars Cover:  Love Title:  Love Publisher: Broadway

All is Bright coloring book

All Is Bright is an advent-coloring book from Tyndale’s Living Expressions collection (I have several of these books, and love them all.) Being a creative soul, I enjoy integrating inventive designs with spiritual devotions and activities. Coloring is not only fun and relaxing, but (in this case) puts us in a spiritual mind and heart. Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year, and this Christian-themed coloring book (approximately 10”x9”) contains inspiring devotions and illustrations celebrating the gift of Christmas and its true meaning.) “All Is Bright provides a short reading for every day in the month of December, as well as a beautiful accompanying coloring page, taking you on a creative journey of identifying with the distant longings of Israel, listening for the angel’s announcement, and gazing at the Baby in the manger.” ~Excerpt from the introduction. The craftsmanship of this paperback book is sturdy, and the pages don’t bleed through when colorin