September 29, 2016

Feast for Thieves

Preaching or prison. An impossible choice for a man who usually solves his problems with a rifle or his fists. ~back cover

I love it when I can easily sink into a book without trudging through backstory, or trying to find something I relate to in the main character. This is a charming story of a bad guy gone good. It is filled with life lessons, humor, and heart.

Sergeant Rowdy Slater is a well-developed character, and the plot is well rounded with interesting secondary characters. I love the first person point of view, and easily delved into Rowdy’s psyche.
 I wondered how I might find that good meal, the one the voice was talking about, and eat my fill. ~excerpt from chapter one

I don’t normally read books by male authors, or with male main characters, but really enjoyed Feast For Thieves, by Marcus Brotherton. It’s a lovely and witty story dealing with faith, forgiveness, and redemption.

4 Stars

Cover: Like
Title: Like
Publisher: River North
Pages: 288
Pace: Fast
First Lines: When it came to robbing the bank, he wasn’t polished or nothing. We just set the old truck’s hand brake and jigged out the side while the motor was still running, shrugged off the rain while throwing sacks over our heads to hide our faces, and bustled straight up the middle with our rifles aimed forward.

I received a Review Copy from MPNewsroom.

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