September 8, 2016

Just a Kiss

Just a Kiss, by Denise Hunter, is more than just-a-story. It’s an experience. If you’ve enjoyed Ms. Hunter’s previous books, I’m certain you won’t be disappointed. This book serves well as a stand-alone story, even though it’s the third and final installment in the Summer Harbor series.

I’ve read (and reviewed) book one, Falling Like Snowflakes, and couldn’t put it down. Loved it. Somehow, I missed the second book, The Goodbye Bride, but now have it on order! I couldn’t wait to read book two when book three was already here and staring at me from the to-be-read stack on my nightstand.

She’d done some research and, despite what Beau said about his brother’s spirits, she expected some fallout. It was time for her to be the strong one. ~excerpt

Riley and Paige are such endearing and layered characters. They are easy to relate to and sympathize with, and I became invested in them from the start. With a perfect mixture of loss and triumph, tears and joy, this story is a satisfying end to a sweet, complex series. I’m saddened that it’s over, and will miss the Callahan clan.

Thank you to Booklook and NetGalley for providing me review copies of this book.

5 Stars!

Cover: Love
Title: Love
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Pages: 336
Pace: Steady/fast
ISBN: 978-0718023751
First Line(s): Paige Warren checked her watch, then peeked around Miss Trudy’s silver head for the dozeneth time. Riley’s plane had landed, and the steady stream of passengers moving toward Bangor Airport’s baggage claim had begun to dwindle.

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