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Shadow of the Storm

I loved this book. It transported me back to the days of Moses and his people after their escape from Egypt. The story focuses on the (fictional) life of Shira, a young Levite woman pulled in many directions—her haunting past, and her unsure future. She finds love in many things, the Lord, her family, etc., but she also finds it in a man she doesn’t know that she can trust, and a calling in which she fears she isn't strong enough to commit. Shadow of the Storm, by Connilyn Cossette, is the second book in her Out of Egypt series. It does a fine job as a standalone. Told from two perspectives, Shira (a Levite) and Dvorah (an Egyptian) who have completely different experiences and outlooks on life. Shira is soft, Dvorah is firm, but they both struggle through life in search of comfort, safety, and happiness. It is not only entertaining to read of these women’s stories, but also eye-opening to the way things were in that era. Though the story is fictional, it really show

Child of the River

Child of the River, by Irma Joubert, is not at all what I expected. I anticipated a more pronounced WWII setting—like many of the books I read. I can’t say it’s a bad thing, but this is not a typical WWII story. I have to mention, because I’m a cover lover and a title lover, that I love both. The title captured my attention immediately, and the cover art is detailed and beautiful. I’m also grateful for the glossary in the beginning of the book. It is very helpful in describing words of that place and era. Persomi knew exactly who she was: the child of a bywoner, a sharecropper on Mr. Fourie’s farm, the fourth and middle child of Lewies and Jemima Pieterse. ~excerpt The story is long, and it starts out kind of slow, as it didn’t catch my interest straightaway.   With that said, the writing is smooth and the pacing eventually picks up. I like Persomi, and I rather enjoyed learning a bit about the history and landscape of an area I knew little about (South Africa.)

Restoring Christmas

I am one of those people who count down the days till Christmas. Who can’t wait to find the perfect tree, decorate my home to the hilt, and watch Hallmark Christmas movies beginning in October. But even if you’re not a fanatic like me, I’m certain you’ll enjoy this inspiring and heart-hugging story. Eight weeks until the final scene at Christmas. Eight weeks that had seemed so short earlier that morning now stretched light-years into her shaky future. ~excerpt, pg. 11 Restoring Christmas, by Cynthia Ruchti, is a sweet romantic story filled with heart, home, and hope. Without being cheesy or sappy, these pages made me laugh and cry. They pulled my heartstrings and then wrapped them securely into a shiny Christmas bow. Alexis Blake travels to Algoma, Wisconsin to restore an old home in need of a little tender loving care—and a lot of updating. She must film the process, and submit it to the Heart-and-Home Channel by the end of December for a chance at a spot on next ye

Everything Beautiful (Coloring Book)

The hope for this book is that, as you color and meditate on the words, you are gently reminded of the beauty that can still be found in the bleakest of moments and that this book becomes a bit of a lifeline to remind you our Savior is always there with us. ~Excerpt from the introduction. Another inspirational coloring book by WaterBrook Press! Everything Beautiful (a coloring book for inspiration and reflection) is a thick, softcover book, filled with stimulating and encouraging words and illustrations sure to brighten a stressful or ordinary day. Not only is the book packed with creative, and uplifting illustrated pages to color, but also affirmative words, phrases, quotes, hymns, and Scripture.   The full-page illustrations are detailed and pretty, depicting flowers, bird, fauna, and beautiful things in God’s Creation. The thick pages assure no bleed-through, and the perforated pages allow you to frame your finished artwork, or hang it on the fridge. I s

A Servant Like Jesus (Children's Book)

A Servant Like Jesus, written by Lee Ann Mancini and illustrated by Dan Sharp, is the newest book in the Adventures of the Sea Kids series! This is such a sweet story about being brave enough to step out of your comfort zone and be a helper to others. “I could use a teacher’s helper. Would you be my helper?” asked Miss Stella. The first day of class has begun, and many of the sea kids are uncomfortable in their new surrounding. They initially have problems with shyness, sharing, and missing their parents. Soon the teacher, Miss Stella Starfish, comforts and calms them, and assigns young Charlie to be her helper. This gives Charlie, the young crab, confidence to step out of his comfort zone and even allows him to help a fellow sea kid who gets hurt on a field trip. Lessons are learned, prayers are said, and the first day of school becomes a great success. This slim, softcover book contains short, easy to read narration, and bold, colorful illustrated pages. The sea