November 12, 2016

Larger Than Life Lara

What an adorable book! The voice is unique, the message is powerful, and the main character is fun and genuine.

Laney Grafton is a roughneck ten-year-old with a hard life, and the narrator of this story. This book is her own first-person storytelling after learning the ins and outs of writing a book from her teacher. The chapter titles explain the various parts of storytelling, such as Character, Setting, Conflict, etc, all while revealing what happens when a new student joins Laney’s classroom.

Lara Phelps is a large girl. She fills up the doorway, tires easily, and has a special desk brought in because of her size. Laney and her classmates have never seen anyone so heavy, not their age anyway, and some give her the nickname Larger-Than-Life Lara.

Laney walks the reader through the class play, rehearsals, and horrible bullying that takes place. The mean kids are relentless with their hateful remarks and mocking. What surprises Laney the most is how Lara smiles through the adversity.

There are great lessons in this story—both for bullies and their victims. Though the message is powerful, it is written with a mix of humor and sting.

5 stars!

Cover: Okay
Title: Love it
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers
Pages: 176
I received a complimentary copy from TyndaleBlogNetwork.

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