December 30, 2016

Made for a Purpose

Made for a Purpose, by Kristie Wilde, is a simple and adorable children’s book with a very powerful message. It’s important to instill our young ones with encouragement and inspiration so they know they are important not only to us as parents and caregivers, but they’re important to God. He created each of us for a purpose, with different gifts, abilities, and talents.

The opening sentence reveals the theme of the book: God made everything for a purpose.

Although Kristie Wilde has illustrated other children’s books, she authored and illustrated Made for a Purpose, the first book in the Joyful Creation series.

The illustrations are fun and contain entertaining depictions of nature, animals, and children, and the sturdy pages are full-page watercolor schemes focusing on the uniqueness and purpose of beavers, ducks, frogs, woodpeckers, turtles, fish, chipmunks, and especially the reader.

I like the glossy cover, detailed watercolor paintings, and lovely message this children’s storybook conveys. I also noticed the illustrated children are of a variety of nationalities, appealing to children from all walks of life. We are all important and valuable, and this little book depicts that purely and nicely.

I do have to mention that the word chipmunks is spelled incorrectly (chipmonks) in the book.

You can purchase this delightful children’s book HERE.

4 Stars

Cover: Love
Title: Love
Publisher: Wilde Art
ISBN: 978-0997482805
Pages: 22
Target Ages: 3-8
First line: God made everything for a purpose.
I received a complimentary copy from the publisher via BookCrash.

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