February 8, 2017

A Love Transformed (Audiobook)

A Love Transformed, by Tracie Peterson, has an interesting premise. I looked forward to reading this due to the early 1900s time period and the Christian theme, but it fell a bit short for me.

I had a difficult time relating to the main character, Clara, and scenes that should’ve pulled at my emotions didn’t. They barely pulled at Clara’s emotions. When she hears of her husband’s death her reaction is as blasé as if she were told the car had a flat tire. I realize her arranged marriage wasn’t a great love affair, but the reaction didn’t feel authentic. The effect on the children was a bit strange too.

The children. She hadn’t yet considered telling them about their father, a father they barely knew. ~Excerpt

Audio Narration: Melissa Hurst does a decent job. She narrates the story, told in third person, and has a pleasant inflection to her voice. I wasn’t wowed by the narration, but I wasn’t put out by it either.

Audio Production Quality: The production quality of this audio book is clear, with no distracting noises.

Overall Opinion: I’ve got mixed feelings. The story is interesting enough, but I wasn’t captured. No matter the genre, or the format, I want a story to hold my attention and surprise me. This one didn’t. It was too long, felt inauthentic, and didn’t inspire me.

Publisher: christianaudio
Series: Sapphire Brides (3)
Narrator: Melissa Hurst
Audio Length: 9.9 hours
Pages (printed length): 448

3 Stars

I received a complimentary copy from christianaudio.

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