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The Memory of You

The Memory of You, by Catherine West, is a moving story dealing with loss, forgiveness, and restoration. Ms. West writes a clean, romantic novel with credible, flawed characters in search of a better life. We’ve all dealt with some sort of trauma in our lives, just as Natalie, Tanner, and others characters in this story. With relatable themes and the smooth writing style, it’s easy to sink into the story. …on a perfect starlit August night, in one screeching, skidding, sickening moment, everything changed. ~Excerpt I like the Sonoma setting, mainly because I’m from the south and this is somewhat unfamiliar territory. Though I’ve never lived out west, I was sucked into the wine region lifestyle. With a rich setting, emotional premises, and a collection of tattered hearts, this clean tale is filled with heartbreak, healing, and heart. 4 Stars Cover : Love Title : Love Pages : 320 Publisher: Thomas Nelson ISBN: 978-0718078768 First Line : The

My Heart Belongs in Fort Bliss, Texas: Pricilla’s Reveille

I love historical fiction, and My Heart Belongs in Fort Bliss, Texas: Pricilla’s Reveille is a good example of why. I am able to open the pages of a book and visit a time in the past. I loved the vivid scenery, and felt the fears and difficult realities of living in the early 1800s. 1847 Fort Bliss, Texas is a unique setting, and Erica Vetsch, the author, did a fabulous job of pulling the reader in. I easily sunk into the era and experienced the rising tension with the surrounding tribes, as well as the growing attraction between Priscilla and Elliot. Their stories are believable and I was able to relate in many ways to Priscilla’s thoughts of the military and it’s soldiers. Although I don’t see things the same way she did, I can understand, due to her personal experiences, why she had those thoughts and fears. This is a full, rich story, though a relatively quick read. It offers themes of acceptance, forgiveness, and resilience. My Heart Belongs in Fort Bliss,

Open When...

I adore this little book! I’m an optimistic person, but even the most positive people have down days. And when that happens, Open when… the little book of letters is sure to lift your spirits. The format is one of the neatest and most unique things about this book. The hardback cover bends an inch from the spine and opens to a dozen pages folded into envelope shaped treats. The envelope letters are colorful and decorated with diverse illustrations, sharing inspirational messages to brighten shadowy days. The themes of each letter are as follows: Positivity, Memory, Patience, Confidence, Karma, Truth, Thankfulness, Calm, Forgiveness, Resilience, Growth, and Happiness. This book of letters is adorable. It makes an exceptionally thoughtful and unique gift for a supportive friend or loved one. I can’t recommend it high enough. 5 Stars Cover : Love Title : Love Pages : 24 Publisher: Ten Speed Press ISBN: 978-1607749646

The One True Love of Alice-Ann

The One True Love of Alice-Ann is a precious story with touching moments that display the hardships of war and first love. As a cover lover, I initially judge a book by its cover, and this one caught my eye. In a sense, I was a little surprised once I began reading, the main character, Alice-Ann, is a teenager. I love first loves, and coming of age stories, but the cover art seems to depict someone older than the story reveals. This isn’t a deal breaker or anything, but it’s worth mentioning. The troubles of my heart are enlarged: O bring thou me out of my distresses. ~Psalm 25:17 Alice-Ann is a unique main character, in that she isn’t a typical beauty. She has unruly hair, feels gangly and flawed, and fears she’ll end up alone and caring for others, like her Aunt Bess. It was fun to watch her grow up and change, finding strength through perseverance. I loved the feel of this book, encapsulating the songs, fashions, etc. of the early 1940s and WWII. Glenn Miller