March 14, 2017

A Bridge Across the Ocean

I’ve read and enjoyed previous books by Susan Meissner, (Secrets of a Charmed Life being a favorite) so I was excited to read A Bridge Across the Ocean. It has a great title, the cover art is intriguing, and the back cover blurb captured my attention. With that said, I was surprised by the ghost aspect of this book. I feel the blurb should’ve disclosed a bit more than it did. I still found the story enjoyable.

Over the past few years I’ve really sunk into WWII novels, as well as dual time period stories, and this one delivers that. I also like that this book includes various points of view, which allows me to get into the head of more than one character.

Learning how WWII changed the lives of three women within different eras put me through countless emotions. Annaliese Lange, a ballerina, Simone Deveraux, the daughter of a spy, and Brette Caslake, a seer of ghosts, are interesting characters who I sympathized with and learned from.

I was thrown off a bit by the ghost aspect in this story, and wish the blurb disclosed this so I would’ve better known what to expect. But the author is a skillful writer with a wonderful sense of mystery and storytelling.

4 Stars

Cover: Love
Title: Love
Pages: 384
Publisher: Berkley
ISBN: 978-0451476005
First Lines (Chapter One): A Friend’s baby shower was the last place Brette Caslake expected to encounter a ghost. The gauzy apparition wafted into the stylish living room, as if blown in on a breeze, the moment the pregnant guest of honor began to open her presents.

I received a complimentary copy of this book.

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