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I’ve always enjoyed devotionals, coloring pages, and guidance books. This softbound book delivers all these aspects. It is marketed to ‘girls’ and definitely appeals to the young readers, (the author herself is 19-years old) but it also appeals to those of us who aren’t so…ahem…young. I suppose some of us refuse to let our inner child fade. Devoted, by Marjorie Jackson, contains 31 daily readings that guide and encourage us in our daily walk. The devotional sections are easy to understand and are approximately 4-pages each, and continues with a question section, a challenge, and prayer. To close out each daily read is a creative coloring page. This is a fun, spiritual guide that provides a month long journey into a deeper, more devoted relationship with our creator. This would be a nice addition to a girl’s study group or Sunday school class. Nice gift too! 5 Stars Cover : Like Title : Like Pages : 176 Publisher: Shiloh Run Press ISBN: 978-1683221661

The Hideaway

The charming cover art drew me to this book, and the setting and characters pulled me in completely. I’m so happy to be introduced to Lauren Denton’s work. This is a wonderful debut. The Hideaway is filled with so much of what I adore in fiction—dual time-frames, a southern setting, small town charm, quirky, interesting characters, and a whole lot of heart. It’s so easy to become fully absorbed into this book. I feel like I’ve visited the Hideaway and made friends with the people of Sweet Bay, Alabama. Both storylines are so easy to sink into. Mags is a strong and unique soul with a hidden past. Her granddaughter, Sara, uproots her life to fulfill Mags last wishes, and learns so much about Mags, as well as herself. This well-written story of friendship, family, and belonging, is sure to touch the deepest parts of your heart. If you like women’s fiction, southern fiction, and stories that showcase undying love, this is the book for you. I can’t wait to read more of

Before We Were Yours

Lisa Wingate has been my favorite author for some time. She writes stories with heart, and creates characters with such depth that I feel their absence when I’ve turned the last page. It seems like each new book of hers becomes a favorite. I finished Before We Were Yours yesterday, and I’m already in serious withdrawal. If there isn’t a sequel planned for this book, I’ll be willing to get on my knees and beg for one to make it happen. I’ve grown so attached to these characters. I want them back! Ms. Wingate does a superb job of melding dual time periods, dual stories, into one cohesive book. I love both the present day story and the one that is drawn from the past. As in all her books, I’m mostly pulled into the characters of the past, as in this story, drawn into the mind of young Rill Foss. Rill, her siblings, and parents have seared permanent memories in my heart. They have few worldly possessions, but carry immeasurable love in their souls. I laughed with them, fe

You'll Think of Me

One of my favorite fiction tropes is new beginnings. I love it when characters return home (usually a small town) and revisit their past. When characters learn new things about the people the left behind, as well as themselves. When the heart-broken, lonely, or struggling main character begins life anew. You’ll Think of Me, by Robin Lee Hatcher, is a sweet, yet deeply emotional story about Brooklyn Myers’ new beginning. With past hurts of being abandoned, she takes her daughter Alycia, back to Thunder Creek. Revisiting the past isn’t easy, but she’s willing to do what it takes to assure Alycia’s wellbeing. I became fully absorbed in this Christian fiction book from the first page. The characters are engaging and the plot is believable.   With elements of faith, forgiveness, and perseverance, this is a full story that swelled my heart. The perfect book to sink into over the weekend, with characters that will stay with you. 4 Stars Cover : Love Title : Love Page

The Heart-Shaped Life

I love! love! love! devotionals. Especially when they are as easy to read and concise as these are. The one-page, dated daily devotions (yay for alliteration) begin with a Scripture verse, continue with a few paragraphs of nourishment, and close with a thoughtful prayer. The conversational tone delivers wonderful affirmations of love and prompts us to live life fully. The Heart-Shaped Life , by Karen Moore, is simply an energizing, inspiring and refreshing way to start your day. We all need encouragement and guidance, and I can’t think of a better way to set out on your day – than to start it in devotion and prayer to our Lord. *This thick, hardback book is loaded with words of wisdom for your daily worship throughout the year, and comes with an attached satin ribbon bookmark. 5 Stars! Cover : Love Title : Love Pages : 384 Publisher: Shiloh Run Press I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour