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My Heart Belongs on Mackinac Island: Maude's Mooring

My Heart Belongs on Mackinac Island: Maude’s Mooring is another book in the My Heart Belongs series. I’ve read several in this series, and I’ve enjoyed each one. Each book works as a standalone, a fast read, full of twists, and a satisfying end. This story takes place in Mackinac Island, Michigan in the late 1800s. The author paints a lovely scene and made me want to visit. The characters are interesting, though I find some things from the late 1800s so frustrating. Not in the writing sense, but in the way women were treated in general. Lol Example: Maude’s father won’t allow her to run the family inn without a husband helping her, so she must prove herself able to be independent. Creates a nice backdrop for this story. One thing that kind of surprised me (not in a great way) was how quickly Maude’s relationship happens. I wish there was more of a build up. Other than that aspect, the story was enjoyable. 4 Stars Cover : Okay Title : Like Pages : 256

Quilts, Barns & Buggies

You are richer today if you have laughed, given, or forgiven. ~Amish saying. If you enjoy adult coloring books, Quilts, Barns & Buggies: Amish Quilts and Proverbs Coloring Book, is a good choice. The coloring pages are thick enough to use gel pens without soaking through to the other side, and coloring pencils blend nicely as well. I love the inspirational illustrations and proverbs, making relaxing coloring a time of devotion as well. The drawings have a nostalgic feel and display the simpler things in life—such as barns, nature, flowers, fauna, family meals, and of course Amish quilts and buggies. A great deal of what we see depends on what we are looking for. ~Amish saying. I personally prefer pens and pencils, but the drawings aren't so intricate that crayons can’t be used. There is a presentation page in the front, making it extra convenient for gift giving. (I do want to mention: the colors on the actual cover are much more vivid and bold than they ap

Wings of the Wind

Wings of the Wind is so much more than a Biblical retelling. It is a touching love story, rich with ancient history and themes of grace, forgiveness, faith, and perseverance. This story is inspired by Deuteronomy 21:10-14, in which Hebrew men are instructed on how they are to treat their women captives—with dignity. I learned so much about the customs, beliefs, and hardships during the 40 year wandering in the wilderness. Alanah and Tobiah are opposites in many ways (and you know the old saying about how opposites attract.) They are from different cultures, different belief systems and lifestyles. I find it fascinating how they react to each other, one with guarded understanding and uncertainty, one with contempt, and how they each begin to heal by the grace of God. I love these characters, as well as the supporting characters and the Biblical people they represent. I love how the author made multiple storylines come together in a seamless, tension building way,

Kids' NIV Visual Study Bible

Explore the Story of The Bible People, Places, and History The Kid’s NIV Visual Study Bible is an exceptional study tool, with drawings, photographs, maps, and numerous facts that help put passages easier to understand and to put in context. This Bible is geared toward children ages 5-12, but in my opinion, it’s suitable and helpful for all ages. The hardback book is thick and sturdy, has an attached ribbon page keeper, and with 1,952 pages it contains the entire text of the NIV translation (New International Version) and is chockfull of additional study facts and info. The thickness of the book might make it inconvenient to carry to weekly services or study group, but is incredible for home study.   Another great point of this book is the one column Bible text, which allows wide, colorful margins that display illustrations (over 700), interesting facts, and enough room leftover for your own handwritten study notes (or if you’re a Bible journaling enthusiast—your dr

My Heart Belongs in the Superstition Mountains: Carmela's Quandary

My Heart Belongs in the Superstition Mountains: Carmela’s Quandry is the second book I’ve read in this series. (I read My Heart Belongs in Fort Bliss, Texas: Priscilla’s Reveille earlier this year – my review is here .) One thing I love about these books is they are fast reads with plenty of oomph and twists. This story took me to the Superstition Mountains in Tucson, Arizona during the mid 1800s. The author does a nice job of description (without overdoing it) where the reader can sink into the scene, travel the desert trail, smell the arid scent, and experience times past in the Old West. Carmela’s Quandry is a sweet romantic western, written in Carmela Wade’s point of view as well as her romantic interest’s, U.S. Marshall Freeland McKay. It felt more like a women’s fiction story (my favorite genre) taking place in the west, to me, because I was mainly invested in her dilemmas and internal growth. I also love the vein of faith that flows throughout this book, and