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The Tea Planter's Wife

The Tea Planter’s Wife delivers a slow-paced, dramatic story. I love the overcoming past secrets trope with a slice of mystery, but this one feels a bit predictable. At times, the pace lagged with repetition that made it easy for me to put down. I must say, the author did a wonderful job of description that took me to picturesque Ceylon. The ambiance was easy to sink into, and perhaps the highlight. For me, anyway. 3 Stars Cover: Like Title: Love I received this book from  Blogging for Books  for this review.

Sweetbriar Cottage

Oh what a gorgeous cover! It certainly drew me in, and, as with every book I’ve read by Denise Hunter, the plot, message, and characters followed suit. Sweetbriar Cottage is a heartbreaking and powerful story. If you’re looking for a fluff story, this isn’t for you. The relationship and growth between Noah and Josie has depth and pain and will pull you through many emotions. I love how the characters are flawed and real. Nothing feels contrived. The spiritual aspect gives them an authentic, full feel that makes it easy to relate and sympathize with them. Ms. Hunter is a talented author and I recommend any of her books. This one is one of her best. 5 Stars Cover : LOVE Title : LOVE Pages : 320 Publisher: Thomas Nelson ISBN: 978-0718090487 First Line: There was nothing like a letter from the IRS to stop a man in his tracks. I received a complimentary copy from NetGalley and BookLook.

True to You

She was capable and scholarly and disinclined to gamble ever again on romance. Yet, something in John called out to something in her. It was unexplainable. Foolhardy, even.  ~excerpt True to You is INDUBITABLY good! Oh, how I love this story. I’m so happy this is part of a series, because I’ll be able to revisit these incredibly easy-to-love characters I’ve become enamored with. Becky Wade is an absurdly talented storyteller. She flavors her books with perfect measures of faith, humor, and romance. She is climbing so high on my list of favorite authors that she risks altitude sickness. One of the greatest features of this book is its uniqueness. I’ve never read a story that battles the same struggles and obstacles as this one does. True to You is unpredictable, endearing, and extraordinarily memorable. (Try as I might, I can’t seem to keep the adverbs from this review. Saying it’s good, unique, and memorable just doesn’t do it justice. So I’m peppering it with LY wor

Women Who Move Mountains

 "Removing barriers between us and God improves our prayer lives. That’s what this book will do for you!" ~Excerpt What a joy to find a book that heightens your awareness, builds your faith, and helps you discover the ways to move the mountains along your way. This sounds like a bold statement to make about a book, but it has inspired me and empowered me in my daily walk. Women Who Move Mountains provides examples of Biblical women who have prayed away the “mountains” in their lives. It also shows the reader how to use the same principles in her own life. Prayer transforms all aspects of our daily walk—our thoughts, our actions, and how we affect others. The book not only provides valuable guidance, but also asks stimulating questions (group discussions) journaling prompts, and a 21-day study guide to help you make a spiritual breakthrough. 5 Stars Cover: Okay Title: Like Publisher: Bethany House Pages: 256 ISBN: 978-0764219146 First

Just Look Up

  "Just breathe. Part of her, she supposed, would always feel like a fraud." ~Excerpt Lane Kelley is very different from me, but I was still able to relate to her. Perhaps it’s because I know people who are similar to her, or, most likely, it’s because the author is talented. ;) Just Look Up delivers engaging characters, sweet romance, and a powerful message. We often have our heads dug into our work, burdens, past, etc.—you name it. And in doing so, we miss out on the good stuff. Lane has a bumpy past with her family. They don’t really understand her and she works hard (literally and figuratively) at proving she’s overcome her wounds of the past. Her relationship with Ryan Brooks is delivered in a wonderfully intricate way that kept me turning the pages. This is a touching read with a heart-pricking message we can all learn from. Look up, or you’ll miss the blessings in life. (And what gorgeous cover art!) 5 Stars Cover: Love Title: Love