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Home All Along

I’ve only read a limited amount of Amish fiction, but the genre is growing on me. I love the sweet and forgiving nature of the people and am slowly learning the Amish language. I read Ms. Wiseman’s recent novella, Winter Kisses, and got a wonderful flavor of her writing style. I looked forward to receiving Home All Along and once again delving myself into one of her stories. There is a nice mixture of emotional pulls in this story. I struggled to hold back tears during some touching and difficult scenes, and found relief in some softer moments. Charlotte is an intriguing character, who has her world turned upside down and feels lost between two worlds. This is a story that deals with many real-life issues and has themes of true family, trust, and forgiveness. Many thanks to BookLook for my complimentary copy. 4 Stars Cover: Love Title: Love Series: An Amish Secrets Novel Publisher: Thomas Nelson Pages: 320 ISBN: 978-1401685973

Picturing Heaven

Picturing Heaven contains 40 hope-filled devotions—each with an adjoining coloring page. Each devotion begins with a Scripture verse (or verses) and then, in a single paragraph, reveals something the Bible teaches us about Heaven. The corresponding page depicts an illustration that is suitable for coloring. I love devotionals and coloring books, and Picturing Heaven combines them into a single, jam-packed book, enabling me to worship intellectually and creatively. A lovely book. * The Scripture verses are taken from various versions of the Bible. 5 Stars! Cover : Love Title : Love Pages : 96 Publisher: Tyndale House I received a complimentary copy of this book from TyndaleBloggers.

Free Physical Books and Bibles!

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An Inconvenient Beauty

An Inconvenient Beauty is like a graceful dance—elegant, engaging, and enchanting. This story made my stomach flutter and my heart beat faster. Definitely a five-star read. One of my favorites this year. Firstly, (have I ever used that word before?) Ms. Hunter creates dynamic characters! Miss Isabella Breckenridge and her cousin, Miss Frederica (Freddie) St. Claire, are easy to connect with and sympathize with. They are dissimilar in many ways, but are alike in their depth and appeal. They aren’t the typical society debutantes who revel in compliments and long for status and distinction. Isabella and Freddie view and interact with the world around them in distinct ways, but they share a beauty deep inside them where profound compassion, empathy, love, and faith dwell. I have to say, though, no matter how drawn I am to Isabella and Freddie, Duke Griffith Hawthorne is the beau-of-the-ball and the stealer-of-the-show! (for me, anyway.)   When Griff (I like to believe he swoo

The Two of Us

Oh, what a beautiful story—so much depth. It contains characters that are easy to sympathize with, intricate workings of faith, and that unspeakable kind of love that makes a story extra-special. I can easily relate to the main character, Mia. I experienced many of the same things in my youth—losing my mother of cancer and raising my sister who’s 10 years younger than me. Because of this, I sunk deep into her shoes and understood her doubts, fears, and responsibilities. But there is an entire cast of fabulous characters in this story and I grew to love each and every one (even one who was difficult to love.) The story expresses love of family, that special love between lovers, and the love of God. It’s even more than a love story though. It deals with disabilities, Alzheimer’s, therapy dogs, community, and following the plan that God has for us. The Two of Us is soul piercing, heart stirring, and deeply satisfying. I didn’t want this story to end. I. Love. This. B