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Anne of Green Gables

Anne of Green Gables, written by L. M. Montgomery, has been an adored classic for many years. I remember this story from my childhood, and the nostalgia conjured up is priceless. This is the first time hearing this story in audiobook form. I think it helps having the narration read aloud to me, due mainly to the long sentences and detailed descriptions authors used in the past. (The first sentence consists of almost 150 words!) Knowing that this was written in the late 1800s makes the wordiness much more acceptable.   The story centers on an eleven year old orphan, Anne Shirley. Her adoptive parents were surprised when the boy they expected to adopt as a helper on the farm turns out to be a girl. And what a handful! Though she has a positive nature and is quite mature for her age, her imagination manages to stir things up. I love stories that take me back to simpler times. Not to say everything is simple and easy for Anne, but there is something dear about revisiting

You're Gonna Love Me

You’re Gonna Love Me is another new beginnings/second chances story by Robin Lee Hatcher. Samantha returns home to Thunder Creek to care for her aunt, and surprise! Nick Chastain, her ex enters back into her life. Though the story was a bit predictable, I can say I enjoyed it. I’m glad it’s a clean, sweet romance. Second chances always grab my heart. It shows there is always hope.   My interest waned a bit in the middle. I became a little frustrated when things kept getting in the way. It didn’t feel genuine. I do like their trust issues were resolved, and the overall message was conveyed nicely. I am addicted to Christian fiction, and although this isn’t one of my favorites by Ms. Hatcher, I will continue to read her work because she infuses her stories with elements of faith, forgiveness and perseverance. 3 Stars Cover : Love Title : Love Pages : 320 Publisher: Thomas Nelson ISBN: 978-0718085971 First Line (Prologue) : Nick Chastain heard the sou

Under a Cloudless Sky

Two of the initial things that draw me to a book are the cover art and title. Under a Cloudless Sky fits the bill. Next is the author, Chris Fabry. I’ve read several of his stories and haven’t been even slightly disappointed. This dual time-period novel is intertwined so well. No trying to figure out where I am in the story, or who’s who. The southern setting is a favorite of mine, and I enjoyed learning about what it was like living within the coal mining industry. Ruby and Bean, coming from very different backgrounds, are children who look past the obvious, and are best friends where it counts—the heart. With enough mystery, a bit of sadness and a heaping serving of hope, this story is deeply satisfying. A great read. 4 Stars Cover : Love Title : Love Pages : 416 Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers I received a complimentary copy of this book from Tyndale Blog Network.

No One Ever Asked

You can’t go wrong with a Katie Ganshert book. She’s a wonderful storyteller, that creates page-turning plots, tangible characters, and memorable emotions. Most of her books have a strong spirituality within them. With that said, it is understated compared to her other books. No One Ever Asked isn’t a light read. It has deep undertones and deals with many issues in society and the home place, and does so with a straightforward approach. Camille, Jen, and Anaya are complex characters—all with stories and issues of their own. I love a story that digs beneath labels, biases, and prejudices and gets to the heart of the matter. A moving, powerful, and memorable read! 5 Stars Cover : Love Title : Love Pages : 384 Publisher: Waterbrook I received a complimentary copy from BloggingForBooks.

My Big Book of Bible Heroes Devotional

My Big Book of Bible Heroes Devotional contains a delightful list of role models for young people. This devotional explores the skills and virtues of 50 Bible heroes, both men and women. What better way to inspire youth to do the right thing, to be brave, and make a stand for what is right and good. An interesting quality of this book is the colorful glossy and sturdy pages. Each hero contains a full-page illustration, full-page story, a written prayer, and 5 thought provoking questions and/or prompts to inspire and encourage readers to become heroes. This softbound book is a wonderful devotional or bedtime storybook for children of all ages. With a detailed table of contents, it’s easy to find a particular topic or hero of interest, or a good follow-up from people in the Bible Sunday school lessons they might learn about each week. There isn’t anything I’d change about this book. It includes female and male champions of the Bible that make better role models than tho

The Near Journal

I love devotionals, journals, and support books. I’m also an organizational freak. And those are two reasons I really enjoy The Near Journal . This book is nicely structured, keeping us on track with our spiritual growth, with gratefulness, prayer, verse memorization, and accountability. “If a man does not exercise his arm he develops no biceps muscle; and if a man does not exercise his soul, he acquires no muscle in his soul, no strength of character, no vigor of moral fiber, nor beauty of Spiritual growth.” ~ Henry Drummond This list may sound like a lot of elements, but the focus narrows in on a particular theme you wish to work on for the next 90 days. For instance: let’s say you want your theme for the next 90 days to be restoring peace to your hectic life. With that set as a goal and focus, you tailor your journal to memorizing verses on peacefulness, praying for peace, documenting your gratefulness for unexpected moments of peace during your day, etc. Of cour