October 13, 2019

Words of Comfort for Women

Words of Comfort for Women is a simplistic, succinct, yet potent book of comforting devotions, much like its companion, Words of Hope for Women. I love the straightforward design of each devotion—a title, a Scripture verse, and a 2-3 paragraph reading. And what a lovely cover.

Just a few moments each day with this book brings reassuring sentiments to comfort a woman’s difficult days or circumstances. I love that the author chose not to display her personal experiences in the book, instead inserting universal and Scriptural antidotes to console our troubling emotions or life stresses.

This book makes a wonderful gift and fits easily into a purse for convenient reading on the go. 

Author: Carolyn Larsen 
Publisher: Revell
Pages: 192
SourceI received a complimentary copy of from the publisher with no obligation to post a review.

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