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Spotlight & GIVEAWAY: Hope in the Mountain River

About the Book Book:  Hope in the Mountain River Author: Misty M. Beller Genre:  Christian Historical Romance Release Date: March 31, 2020 This epic journey is not at all what she expected. Joel Vargas can’t believe he’s lost his older brother in the wilds of the Rocky Mountains after surviving their harrowing voyage across the Atlantic. And he can’t shake the feeling that Adam—his only living relative—is in dire trouble. No matter what the cost, he and his band of friends won’t stop until Adam is found. He doesn’t have time to contend with the two Indian women who seem to be shadowing his every move. After the devastating loss of her daughter and husband to a sickness that swept through their Nez Perce camp, Elan is desperate to find an escape from her grief. As she and her friend journey through the mountains toward the great river, a band of white men is the last thing she expects to find, especially as winter blows in full force. When the dangers increase, acc

Spotlight & GIVEAWAY: Capsized by Death

About the Book Book:  Capsized by Death Author: Catherine Finger Genre:  Christian Mystery/Thriller Release Date: December 2019 As Police Chief Jo Oliver prepares for her dream wedding in Maui, she and her team must keep a serial killer with ties to her past from derailing her plans for the future. Click here for your copy! About the Author Catherine Finger loves to dream, write, and tell stories. Retired from a wonderful career in public education, she celebrates the ability to choose how to spend her time in a new way during the second half of life. So far, she chooses to write books, ride horses, serve others, and generally find her way into and out of trouble both on the road and at home.  She lives in the Midwest with a warm and wonderful combination of family and friends. Capsized by Death, the fourth novel in her Jo Oliver Thriller series , will be released by Elk Lake Publishing in December, 2019 . Anchored by Death , the third novel in he

Book blitz & GIVEAWAY: Selah's Stolen Dream (and more!)

This is my stop during the book blitz for Selah's Stolen Dream by Susan Count. This book blitz is organized by Lola's Blog Tours.  The book blitz runs from 18 till 31 March. See the tour schedule here . TAKE A LOOK AT THESE MIDDLE GRADE ADVENTURE STORIES BY SUSAN COUNT! ______________________________________________ SELAH'S STOLEN DREAM Dream Horse Adventures #4 You can find Selah's Stolen Dream on  Goodreads  -  Amazon  -  Amazon Paperback One girl’s victory is another’s tragic defeat. Thirteen-year-old Selah’s perfect life unravels when her beloved horse is stolen. Then ten-year-old Emma buys the dream of a lifetime at a horse auction. When she learns the horse was stolen, even removing her hearing aid won’t drown out the voice telling her to make it right. But two girls can’t divide the horse they both adore. So will life surprise them with an answered prayer? REVIEW: When I was young (around the target age for this series) one of m

Spotlight & GIVEAWAY: Joy Express

About the Book Book:   Joy Express Author:  Jody Day Genre:   Christian Women’s Fiction Release Date:  Nov 8, 2019 Nearly a year has passed since Scott and Bailey’s Christmas wedding. Now they are expecting joy in the form of twins! The day arrives for the opening of Barkley House, a missionary retreat provided by Bailey’s inheritance, but an unspeakable evil descends upon Bailey as she awaits her ride to the opening ceremony. Scott can’t find her. Shocking revelations accompany Bailey’s ordeal. Will she ever find joy again? Click here to get your copy. About the Author Jody Bailey Day writes inspirational fiction, poetry, Bible studies, and articles from her home in West Texas. She is a member of, American Christian Fiction Writers, and is the president of Critique CafΓ©, West Texas area writers group. She mentors young writers, and is a musician and music teacher. She and her husband love silent and black and white movies, and the chaos th

Spotlight & GIVEAWAY: A People Chosen

About the Book Book:   A People Chosen Author:  Karen Engle Genre:   Non – Fiction / Christian / Bible Study Release Date: March, 2017 Is God finished with the Jewish people? Understanding Israel according to the Bible and not the media, political views, or personal opinion sheds incredible light on why Israel and the Jewish people exist today. God is not finished with the tiny nation and has a great purpose and plan for Israel that will impact the world.  A People Chosen: God’s Purpose and Plan for Israel and the Nations  is a self-guided eight-lesson Bible study. You will learn about the creation of Israel in Genesis, God’s promises to Israel and the nations, Israel’s scattering and current regathering to Israel, the return of King Jesus to rule and reign from Jerusalem, and why Israel is pivotal in God’s plan of redemption. It is a love story of faithfulness, mercy, and justice. It is the story of a people chosen by God to be a conduit for God’s blessings to all mankin

Spotlight & GIVEAWAY: Draw Me to Your Side

About the Book Book:   Draw Me To Your Side Author:  Marguerite Martin Gray Genre:   Christian Historical Romance Release Date:  February 25, 2020 Warships in the harbor explode with battle cries for freedom in the hearts of Charles Town’s Patriots.  Charles Town, South Carolina, 1776—With the British war ships threatening his family and livelihood, Louis Lestarjette commits to aid Francis Marion, Christopher Gadsden, Silas Deane and other fiery Patriots with secret correspondences in code and in French. Although not convinced that the colonies can succeed in separation from Britain, he abides by his word—available with funds, his time, and if necessary, even his life.  Louis’ potential volatile role leaves Elizabeth Lestarjette uncertain of the future. Add to that her impending confinement, the secret missions her friends embark on, and the ever-encroaching danger into her domestic world, and the cost of independence grows steeper with each passing day. How will her