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Spotlight & GIVEAWAY: Oh, Gracious!

About the Book Book:   Oh, Gracious! Author:  Chautona Havig Genre:   Christian fiction, contemporary Romance, woman’s fiction Release Date:  March 31, 2020 Life is too short to settle for just anyone. Grace gave her whole heart to Jesus, but now he wants a part of it. All she ever wanted was to be a homemaker. Sure, she has a degree in physics.  Yes, she could have a lucrative job in Rockland, but Grace Buscher enjoys her life as a single homemaker. As they say, it’s her choice. As a successful business owner, a handsome guy, and heir to a small fortune, it’s no wonder Nolan Burke is one of Rockland’s most eligible bachelors. The problem is, he hasn’t met anyone who isn’t looking for a “trophy husband.” Don’t family-centered women exist anymore? Grace isn’t exactly eye candy. Nolan is a bit blind. So when an “accidental meeting” forges an unlikely friendship, it becomes obvious to everyone that it’s likely to become more. But is Grace ready to give up the life

Spotlight & GIVEAWAY: God Sees Her

About the Book Book:  God Sees Her Author:  Our Daily Bread Genre:   Devotional Release Date:  March 3, 2020 Following the overwhelming success and rave reviews of  God Hears Her,  we’re bringing you another devotional written by women for women to reassure you that God is with you.  God Sees Her  is a beautifully styled gift book containing 366 meditations with accompanying Scripture that speak to the heart of women. The title comes from a story in an Old Testament book of the Bible—Genesis—where Hagar is on the run, alone in the desert with nowhere to go. The angel of the Lord finds her and calls her by name. After this encounter, Hagar exclaimed, “You are the God who sees me” (Genesis 16:13). Women today need this same assurance . . . God sees you, God knows you by name, and God cares about every detail of your life. Let these short  Our Daily Bread  devotionals written by women like you wash over your soul and remind you each day that God is near. The handy size,