April 15, 2020

Simple Superfood Soups

I LOVE soup--whether it's brothy, creamy, or loaded with chunky veggies or protein! Soup is one of my favorite things to eat besides baked goods--but I can't live off sweets-only.

Soup is a comfort food to me. When I travel, I love to seek out local restaurants with soups on their menus. I'm not a canned soup kind of girl, unless of course I'm making a casserole (cream of chicken is a staple here) but I can eat homemade soup for a snack or a meal.

I can't wait to try out all of these recipes! Well--except for the ones containing seafood (blech!) but even those, I'll probably try by replacing the seafood with chicken--my go-to protein!

I expect Simple Superfood Soups to be one of my favorite cookbooks I own--and I own shelves of them! The only things that would make this book more appealing, is if there were more photos and the recipes could cook themselves.

I received a complimentary copy from Callisto Publisher's Club.

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