April 24, 2020

Spotlight & Review: The First Date @rararesources

The First Date

Right place.
Right time.
Wrong guy …

After breaking up with her childhood sweetheart, clueless dater Rosie has found herself in a boyfriend-drought. So when she finally swipes right on a guy who seems interested, she can’t wait to meet up IRL.

Until she’s left standing alone. In a bar. Ghosted.

Enter Noah. Confident, funny … and a serial first dater. Offering to give Rosie a crash course in seduction, this could be just what she needs. Until her matchmaker turns out to be the best date she’s ever had—and Rosie wonders if she wants the fake dates to be the real ones after all …

A hilarious, heartwarming romantic comedy about what happens when the wrong guy turns up at the right time, perfect for fans of Sophie Kinsella and Debbie Johnson.



There are so many things I’d imagined might go wrong with this date (and when I say many, I do mean many) but this was not top of the list.
[Opening line of The First Date]

The First Date is a fun, cheeky romantic comedy with heaping helpings of English charm. The amusing conversational narration is in first person present, which took a few pages to get used to.

Rosie is a candid, say-it-like-it-is, foot-in-mouth, awkward, and extremely likeable character. She is self-deprecating but not to a sense of unhealthy self-loathing. I loathed how her father’s betrayals affected her other relationships, and sympathized with her struggles.

She fears romantic infatuation and isn’t searching for the heart beating out of chest kind of love or lust. She just wants a comfortable, reasonable, non-risky love. That’s what she tells herself anyway.

“I want a nice normal guy who offers a merry-go-round not a rollercoaster.”  

And, oh my, I adore Noah. He is a hilarious blend of the geek in Sixteen Candles and Hugh Grant’s character in Notting Hill. Witty, friendly, charming, and a bit of a flirt, Noah offers so much oomph to this story.

The First Date is a fun feel-good read with lively characters that are easy to root for. 

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I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher.

*This book contains some curse words and light sexual content.


Author Bio

USA Today bestselling author Zara Stoneley writes funny, contemporary romances that will whisk you away from the humdrum of everyday life and make you laugh out loud.

Growing up she wanted to be James Bond or UK veterinary surgeon James Herriot—instead she dallied with a career in IT consultancy, ran a dog grooming business, and had a brief spell teaching (variety is the spice of life!) before finally writing a bestselling novel and realising that at heart she’d always been an author.

She enjoys torturing (in a nice way) her characters for your pleasure and writes about griendship, pesky pets, troublesome relatives, hopes, dreams, love and happy ever afters. Her aim is to make you laugh a lot, cry a little, and occasionally say ‘ahhh’.

Follow her Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/ZaraStoneley to find out more about her home life in a Cheshire village with her family, a (very) lively cockapoo called Harry, and a bossy (and slightly evil) cat called Saffron. Zara’s bestselling novels have been translated into several languages and sold around the world. They include ‘Four Christmases and a Secret’, ‘Bridesmaids’, ‘No One Cancels Christmas’, ‘The Wedding Date’, ‘The Holiday Swap’, ‘Summer with the Country Village Vet’, ‘Blackberry Picking at Jasmine Cottage’ and the popular Tippermere series—‘Stable Mates’, ‘Country Affairs’ and ‘Country Rivals’.

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