October 30, 2020

GIVEAWAY & Book Tour: The Puppy Baby Book

Book Description


This unique hardcover "fill in the blanks" baby book gives dog lovers the same opportunity to chart their puppies growth and progress, as parents of infants do with their baby books.

Now, as your puppy grows, you can document:
  •  Where the puppy was born
  •  The birth parents names and breeds
  •  Who the puppy resembles
  •  Where the puppy was adopted from
  •  The first meal
  •  The puppy's playmates
  •  When potty training took place
  •  Obedience school classes
  •  Favorite things to do
  •  What vitamins the puppy takes
  •  Medical records
  •  Medical emergencies and blunders
  •  And much more

There is a keepsake pocket for the first rabies tag after it expires, a page where you can place your puppy's paw prints, a pocket to keep the adoption papers, a placeholder for an adoption announcement card, a first aid kit list, and picture placeholders throughout the book. You will be able to write what you did with your puppy on special days throughout the calendar year from New Years day to Hanukkah and Christmas -- 23 occasions in all.

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Guest Post by Dawn Greenfield Ireland

What genre do you write and why?


I’m all over the board. Typically, a writer finds their niche, such as romance, science fiction, etc., and sticks with it. Not me. Most of my work has won awards. If I don’t have an award for something, that typically means I have not entered it in any competitions.


My nonfiction books include different topics. There’s The Puppy Baby Book, which is a hardcover fill-in-the-blanks baby book for anyone who adopts a puppy, just like an infant baby book.


I recently published a book of articles that I wrote about raising a puppy titled Puppy Adoption and Beyond. This was an opportunity to write about subjects that people needed to understand about raising a dog to keep them safe.


The other nonfiction books are either about money (Mastering Your Money, and What’s Breaking Your Budget), or office/personal skills (Writers Preparation Handbook, and How to Format Word Docs Like A Pro). 


I have created two online courses for easy learning experiences. You can find the Writers Preparation Handbook course and How to Format Word Docs Like A Pro online course on my website. In the near future, my budget book will turn into an online course.


My fiction includes cozy mysteries – The Alcott Family Adventures which includes Hot Chocolate, Bitter Chocolate and Spicy Chocolate. YA sci-fi fantasy is my Thol series which includes four books: Prophecy of Thol, Gifts From Thol, Love of Thol, and King of Thol. 


I also write an adult shapeshifter series which consists of Bonded, Tothars, Tilted and Family (almost ready to publish. The shapeshifter world includes sex and violence, so beware.


My dystopian, set in 2086, is The Last Dog. I also have a stand-alone sci-fi action/adventure romance titled Forced Dreams. 


See what I mean? All over the place. 


My screenplays are just as diverse with drama, dark comedy, family comedy, psychological supernatural horror, romance, comedy action/adventure, tragedy, and crime action/adventure.


Do I have a favorite genre? No. I love everything. I am not capable of choosing one genre.


And, like I mentioned, many of my books and scripts have won awards.


Meet the Author

Dawn Greenfield Ireland is the author of several award-winning novels, nonfiction books, and screenplays. To date she has 12 published novels that consists of three series (cozy mystery, YA science fiction/fantasy, and adult shape-shifter), a dystopian, and a sci-fi romance adventure. The Last Dog, a dystopian novel set in 2086 is closely related to the Covid/Corona pandemic! Who knew there would be so many parallels from the time she wrote the book (2010) to this crazy pandemic of 2020! Three of her nonfiction books have won awards. Nine of her 15 screenplays (comedies, dramas, horror, action adventure and science fiction), have won awards. She has also written three short scripts. Her former day job as an award-winning technical writer (34 years) played a major role in her fiction writing – she is detailed oriented, the organizational queen of the known universe, and never misses a deadline. Dawn writes full time in addition to editing books for authors, and coaching people through the writing process.

Connect with the author:  website ~ facebook ~ twitter ~ pinterest ~ instagram ~ goodreads
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