November 9, 2020

All the Colors of Christmas (Children's book)

Another wonderful children’s book by Matthew Paul Turner! Honestly, his writing is fun, full, and simply adorable.


All the Colors of Christmas shares a wonderful view of Christmas emphasized by color. Each color is presented with whimsical rhymes with a nostalgic flair. Red, green, gold, blue, and an unexpected brown—which is the most astonishing and dearest of them all!


“It’s a cradle soft with hay and a donkey’s gentle bray. It’s God within a baby’s skin on that very first Christmas Day.” ~excerpt


And that’s not the only surprise. The story also celebrates the glorious hue of each reader and how each person, in their own special way, colors Christmas with unique gifts, smiles, and hearts.


“You’re a part of the story, the joy and the glory. Yes, Christmas is YOU.” ~excerpt


I love the full-page illustrations showing a cast of diverse characters. Each page holds so many details and features of Christmas, and the lyrical pulse presents an exciting and festive sensation for readers.


It will be fun to read this book each year to my grandchild. It not only displays the many colors of Christmas but conveys the true message of the season.


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