January 25, 2021

GIVEAWAY & Spotlight: The Winter Song


Join us for this tour from Jan 25 to Feb 12, 2021!

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Book Title: The Winter Song (a novel) by Saurav Dutt
CategoryAdult Fiction (18 +),  170 pages
Genre:  Romance
PublisherAmazon Publishing
Release date:   December, 2020
Tour dates: January 25 to February 12, 2021
Content Rating:  PG-13. In a few places there is some moderate bad language.

From the acclaimed Author of 'The Butterfly Room' comes a powerful afterlife drama conveying how great gifts can be hidden in death and how they can bear fruit in our lives if we have the faith to let them unfold.

Somewhere between the mountains and the mist in North India, a widower must reconcile himself to the loss and grief that haunts him after the recent death of his wife.

Unhinged by grief, anger, and guilt, John Perera has set off on a journey, a journey to honour the love of his life and to fulfill the promise he made to her to uncover the truth behind the mysterious death of their son. It is a journey of extraordinary self-discovery that will take him to the extremities of his soul and question all he believes about life, death, and faith.

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Aʙᴏᴜᴛ ᴛʜᴇ Aᴜᴛʜᴏʀ

Saurav Dutt is an Author, Political Columnist and Human Rights Campaigner. A journalist in three continents, his acclaimed debut novel 'The Butterfly Room' explored issues of domestic violence and homophobia within South Asian communities and has been showcased alongside leading political figures and human rights campaigners. His work for human rights and charity campaign work has taken Dutt to speaking engagements at the WEF, IKWRO, IWN, Houses of Parliament and TEDx. After exploring the issue of psychological abuse and domestic violence in 'There Is A Light That Never Goes Out' Dutt was commissioned by a major Hollywood production house to pen the official novelization of the major motion picture 'Tiger' (starring Golden Globe winning and Academy Award nominated actor Mickey Rourke) and he commemorated the centenary of the infamous Amritsar Massacre in India with 'Garden of Bullets: Massacre at Jallianwala Bagh' which was featured in TIME magazine. TIGER is the biographical account of Parminder Singh Nagra, a trailblazing Sikh boxer who fought successfully for the right to compete in the ring with his beard, an essential part of his faith. A syndicated political columnist, Dutt writes for the International Business Times, The Times of Israel, Human Events, and American Herald Tribune. He has featured on CNN, GQ, Huffington Post, BBC television and radio, RT (Russia Today), Press TV, Sky News and more. He resides in the United Kingdom, Los Angeles, and India.

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Aᴜᴛʜᴏʀ Iɴᴛᴇʀᴠɪᴇᴡ

Do you ever get writer’s block?

Definitely, it’s one of the most uncomfortable truths about being a writer. Often it’s hard to know why it happens but it’s a fear that creeps up on you after the excitement of writing those first few chapters. Once you hit the middle of the manuscript, a strange fear comes over you, a mist of anxiety and doubt that pollutes your creative mind with lots of awful thoughts. Why am I doing this? Who is going to read it? What’s the point in doing this anymore? These characters are false, the quality of the witing is sub-par. It’s a toxic mental environment and it hits me with every project, no matter the size of the advance, how important the story is, how magical the mission is to hand, it’s a character in itself and it sits down with you everyday when you try to write.

 What helps you overcome it?

Knowing that your manuscript has a wider resonance beyond yourself. Think about just that one stranger who will read your book and get satisfaction from it, that’s an incredible achievement and writers sometimes forget that. And then there are those books where you’re talking about something larger than yourself in the universe, maybe a social cause, an important historical event, that’s when you become a mental gymnast and you fight against fear and irrationality to put something out in the world that matters and can guide conversations, inspire further dialogue. My advice is to always write about something that is meaningful and matters to people, not just yourself. 

What made you write a book about overcoming grief?

This particular story has stayed with me a while and the idea of regret, of having run out of time to tell those you love exactly what you feel about them. There’s also something cold, lonely, and sad about the snow, mountains, the cold. Imagine feeling in a relationship as an older person that you will never be the first to go, that’s what happens to my main character, he thinks his younger wife and son will outlive him and that gives him a kind of solace. When he becomes the only survivor the only meaning he sees remaining is to honour them and to fulfil the promises he made to his wife before she passed. It’s a daunting task but one he has to fulfil.

Where do you get inspiration for your stories?

Often it’s music, maybe a film or a documentary where a particular character or theme resonates with me. Many of my books deal with geopolitical or social topics so the truth is that the real world often gives me inspiration. In this case topics like loneliness, dementia, depression, all coalesced as well as the overarching theme of overcoming grief, which you never really do, you just find a way to ignore it as best you can.

What advice would you give budding writers?

To write about what matters to you and what matters in the world. Twenty years from now when you look back on that literature will you know you only wrote it to make a quick buck? Or was it something more meaningful, that you had to get out of your system and put out there to help people? I’d also say never, ever, place too much importance on what others say-critics, the media, those who rain on your parade-listen to your own heart and your own resolve. I’d also say read, read, read, separate the wheat from the chaff, and identify what is good writing, from mediocre writing, to writing that has no meaning or importance, and find your own voice.

Do you write every day? 

I try to commit to at least thirty minutes a day without fail. Sometime nothing happens, and all I get is a sentence. But it’s enough because at least I tried. Writing is a muscle, and if you don’t exercise it, it will begin to fail you. 

What is your writing schedule?

I listen to music to get the mind going, dial into the emotions I feel that resonate with what the story is about. Then I commit to write for at least thirty minutes to an hour, sometimes it flows and I write for hours, and I hit the elusive 10,000 words a day that Stephen King recommends! Other times it just doesn’t happen, in which case I use the time for plot lines, think about marketing, think about future topics, but the important thing is that the creative mind is exercised. The first draft of anything is like vomiting, you just have to get it out. The masterwork then comes in the editing and revisions. 

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