July 21, 2021

GIVEAWAY & Review: 30,000 Stitches


Discover the inspiring story of the American flag that flew over Ground Zero, traveled across all fifty states as it was repaired, and returned to New York as a restored symbol of unity.

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This wonderful hardback book blankets a dark time in US history with light, love, respect, dedication, and inspiration. 


The events that happened on 09/11/01 were tragic, yet the 9/11 flag construction workers hung above the wreckage of the twin towers symbolized that America is strong, faithful, and resilient, and we thrive best when we are united. 


I didn’t know about the flag traveling through each of the 50 states, being mended and restored by various survivors, veterans, educators, first responders, and supporters. Growing up in a military family, and also raising my children in the military, I’ve always had deep love and respect for our flag, and I find it stirring and encouraging that patriotism is still alive in so many devoted hearts.


30,000 Stitches is educational and highly inspirational for children and adults alike. Definitely a keeper.



🇺🇸 2021 Non-Fiction Favorite 🇺🇸

 I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher.


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