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Cover Reveal: The Good Husband

  Wow! This cover art certainly tells a story, and the plot is murky and dark.  Who doesn't enjoy a heart-pumping psychological thriller? Release date: July 27, 2022! _____  ❤ _____ About the Book   A zealot sends his grief-stricken son on a murderous mission, in this heart-pounding novel. A chaotic stampede of Black Friday shoppers leads to Elsie’s tragic death—and leaves Jack, her husband of thirty-seven years, devastated. Unable to cope with his grief, he flees to his childhood home to be with his father, an overbearing religious zealot who puts his faith before everything—even his son. Jack’s father convinces him that Elsie had not died in vain. Her life was sacrificed to give Jack the strength he needs for his mission: to rid the world of greed. Embittered by his loss, Jack soon sets out to punish the depraved and eradicate the sinners from the world. The greedy killed his wife, and now they must pay. But how far is Jack willing to go to fulfil God’s plan—and how many innocent

GIVEAWAY and Review: The Scent of Gardenias

_____  ❤ _____ About the Book The Scent of Gardenias by Lorraine Haas Publication Date: April 19, 2022 Morewellson, Ltd. Genre: Historical Fiction/Women's Fiction She had big dreams. But will war, tragedy, and naΓ―vetΓ© ruin her aspirations? America, the 1940s. Margaret Rose longs to escape her family’s poverty. So against her domineering father’s wishes, the determined young woman elopes with an older man. But shortly after the US enters WWII, her grand ambitions sink when her husband’s ship is torpedoed. Training to become a nurse to give herself a future, Margaret’s despair deepens when she discovers she’s pregnant and must quit to have the baby. And now without income to support a child, the desperate widow marries a man who takes her far from home… and into disaster. Will Margaret rise above catastrophic misfortune and create the life she deserves? Poignant and heartfelt, The Scent of Gardenias chronicles the struggle of a Twentieth-Century woman carving a place i

GIVEAWAY and Review: Going Home (TV series)

  Join Pure Flix now and watch Going Home! _____  ❤ _____ About the Series “ Going Home ” is a new series that follows an inspiring team of nurses who help guide patients and loved ones on the ultimate journey – one of transition from this world to their forever home. It’s a race against time as the team must help their clients find peace and wrap up loose ends with compassion and dignity.
 _____  ❤ _____ My Review Season 1, Episode 6: I’m new to the  Going Home  series, having only viewed episode 6 so far, but I’m so moved and inspired I plan to go back and watch from the beginning. What a beautiful premise for a Christian based show—to help people transition who are soon to pass away, as well as the family and friends left behind.   Charley Copeland, played by Cynthia Geary, is a hospice nurse who is faithful and obedient to her calling—helping families during these difficult times. She is gentle, kind, empathic, and easy to connect with. Exactly what I’d hope for in such a sensiti

Hope Beyond the Waves

  _____  ❤ _____ About the Book From award-winning author Heidi Chiavaroli comes a sweeping dual timeline story that explores hope and enduring love in the midst of the impossible. Massachusetts, 1993 After making a grievous mistake that will change her life forever, Emily Robertson is sent away to live with her grandmother on Cape Cod. When Emily finds a timeworn photograph buried in a drawer, she realizes her grandmother has concealed a secret even bigger than her own. Will convincing Gram to reveal their family history help Emily make the most important decision of her life or will it prove her parents right—that family scandal is better off buried and forgotten? Massachusetts, 1916 Atta Schaeffer plans to marry the man of her dreams and whisk her little sister away from their abusive father. But when she is diagnosed with a dreaded malady, Atta is forced into a life of exile, leaving her sister in harm’s way. On Penikese Island, Atta’s best hope lies with Harry Mayhew, a doctor who

Waffles and Pancake: Flight or Fright

  _____  ❤ _____ My Review   Flight or Fright  is the second installment of the  Waffles and Pancake  graphic novel series. This brother and sister duo are a fun, entertaining, adventure-seeking, science-loving, outer-space-loving kittens.    Their new adventure is a plane ride to visit Gramps and Grammers and go see a rocket launch at Cape CatNaveral! They enjoy the flight and discover that many things about the airplane and its engines. They even get to view the cockpit. And of course, the always-hungry cats were delighted in the airline snacks.   These kittens are amusing and exciting and exude a love of adventure sure to rub off on readers.    First Line:   Waffles, you need to see this! Genre:   Children/Science Fiction/Graphic Novel Reading Age:   6-9   Disclosure: #CoverLoverBookReview received a complimentary copy of this book.   ☆☆☆☆ C ᴏᴠᴇʀ:   L Ιͺᴋᴇ #LittleBrown

Waffles and Pancake: Planetary-Yum

  _____  ❤ _____ My Review   Planetary-Yum  is the first installment of the  Waffles and Pancake  graphic novel series. Waffles and Pancake are brother and sister kittens. They are a fun, entertaining, adventure-seeking, science-loving, outer-space-loving duo. Lucky for them, Dad-Cat takes them to the city to visit the science museum. They enjoy the different exhibits, especially the constellation show inside the planetarium and the Hall of Planets. They soon realize they’ve lost Dad-Cat and might have to live in the museum!   Waffles and Pancake are fun and adventurous, and they discover asking for help often brings results. The illustrations are humorous and fun and give the story a light-hearted feel. This story is fun for science loving kids and the adults who read to them.   First Line:   Pancake, it’s Saturday! Genre:   Children/Science Fiction/Graphic Novel Reading Age:   6-9   Disclosure: #CoverLoverBookReview received a complimentary copy of this book.   ☆☆☆☆ C ᴏᴠᴇʀ:   L Ιͺᴋᴇ #

100 Devotions for Kids Dealing with Anxiety

  _____  ❤ _____ My Review   Because so many young people deal with so much stress, peer pressure, and anxiety,  100 Devotions for Kids Dealing with Anxiety  is a powerful and meaningful devotional book to ease their hearts and minds.   I love the book’s simplicity. Each devotion opens with a Scripture verse, a two or three paragraph devotion that takes only a few minutes to read, and an ample lined section to jot down notes, thoughts, or prayers.   The devotions are easy to understand and causes the reader to deeply reflect. A lovely book to soothe the soul.   First Line (Day 1):   Some people like being alone more than others. Genre:   Children’s/Teens Devotional Reading Age:   8+   Disclosure: #CoverLoverBookReview received a complimentary copy of this book.   ☆☆☆☆☆ C ᴏᴠᴇʀ:   L Ιͺᴋᴇ #ZonderKidz

The Berenstain Bears School Days Collection

  _____  ❤ _____ My Review   I just love the Berenstain Bears books and the wholesome and meaningful stories they share!  The Berenstain Bears School Days Collection  includes six books in one and contains lots of search puzzles, crosswords, coloring activities, recipes, sticker fun, and more.    This thick hardcover book is not only entertaining, but provides wonderful opportunities to learn letters, patterns, measurements, counting, and such.    Each of the four stories included have a school theme, dealing with blessings, bullies, gossip, and peacekeeping. The remaining two books/sections cover lots of fun activities and a country cookbook with easy recipes with mouthwatering illustrations.   As with all Berenstain tales, these stories are suitable for children of all ages sharing important messages for young learners and readers.   First Line (Day 1):   Summer was coming to an end in Bear Country and Brother and Sister were looking forward to the new school year. Genre:   Children/

Hope Beyond the Waves - A 2022 Favorite!

  _____  ❤ _____ My Review Oh, my goodness.  What a beautiful, emotional, and rare story! With themes of love, hope, forgiveness, grace, and acceptance,  Hope Beyond the Waves  is rich with history and meaning.    I love the dual time period style of storytelling, providing two times that meld together to deliver a well-seasoned, well-balanced, unforgettable tale. (1916 and 1993 Massachusetts.)   Prior to this book, I’ve never read a fiction story dealing with leprosy. And I had no idea that leper colonies existed outside of biblical times. It was still a thing in the early 1900s! I can barely even imagine the pain of being an outcast, banished from everything I knew and all those I loved. How tragic!   1993 Emily is pregnant and feeling like an outcast. 1916 Atta is a leper and banished to Penikese Island. Both young women feel isolated, fearful, and helpless in their situations. They face many obstacles, hardships, and decisions, and I connected with and rooted for them both. Because