Needles the Forgotten Christmas Tree


Book Title:  Needles the Forgotten Christmas Tree by Richard Wagner
Category:  Children's Fiction (ages 3 to 7), 32 pages
Genre:  Children's Book
Publisher:  Mascot
Release date:   Mar 7, 2023
Content Rating:  G.  Suitable for everyone.
Book Description:
The world is not always perfect. A scraggly little tree named Needles must endure taunts, criticism, and setbacks to realize his goal of becoming a beautiful Christmas tree.

This is a story of hope, dreams, desires, determination, and never giving up. It also offers the observation that what others think is beautiful may not really matter. Beauty is truly in the eyes of the beholder . . . and paired with the spirit of Christmas, maybe we can make the world just a little more perfect!
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Needles the Forgotten Christmas Tree is the sweetest, heart-touching children’s Christmas story. It shares a wonderful message and has a happy ending.


Needles is a small tree that lives at a Christmas tree farm. He is different than the others. He is smaller and his branches aren’t as full as the other trees, but he has a positive attitude and never gives up.


I think children will relate to Needles. We’ve all felt different, inadequate, or forgotten in one way or another but staying positive and soldiering on is so important. Perseverance builds character, and Needles has greater character than the larger trees. 


The inspiration for this story, revealed in the back of the book, is incredibly sweet. Needles is charming, and his happy ending is rewarding.


First Line: The rain, which began as a light drizzle yesterday, fell hard and steady. 

Genre: Christian Inspirational

Author: Andrea Jo Rodgers

Page Count: 224

Reading Age: 2-10


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Wagner grew up in Southern California. When he was 14-years old, a business friend of his father’s had a small Christmas tree delivered as a thank you. Their family already had a large tree decorated in the house. Not being able to find anyone who needed a tree, that small Christmas tree stood outside by itself for the remainder of the Christmas holiday. Website:


“Needles, the Forgotten Christmas Tree”

by Richard Wagner



What is special about my book compared to other similar books?


There are many wonderful stories out there that tug at the heartstrings and provide life lessons.  This story about a small scraggly tree named Needles is based upon a real-life experience that I encountered, and for me, that is a difference that is special compared to many other books.


My real-life experience occurred at 14 years of age.  A business associate of my father’s dropped a small Christmas tree off at our home after we had already purchased and decorated a tree.  We could not find anyone that needed a tree, so that little tree stood outside for the remainder of the holidays, alone and forgotten, except by me.


I never forgot that little tree.  I felt so bad that its life had been wasted.  Over the years I thought often of what might have been, and I began to formulate a story in my mind in honor of that little tree.  It was important to me that the story not only serve to teach children about life, but that it should have a happy, uplifting ending unlike what happened in real life.


This book is a testament to that little tree that stood by itself through the holidays trying to look special.  It is also a memorial to that tree that somehow, somewhere, in a small corner of this big world, it is remembered, and that its short life offers some meaning by bringing joy, hope and life lessons to those that may read the story of Needles, the Forgotten Christmas Tree.



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