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"Clean" fiction only, please.

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 Fiction genres CLBR loves:
 ✔  Women’s Fiction
 ✔  Christian Fiction
 ✔  Contemporary Fiction
 ✔  Biblical Fiction
 ✔  Historical Fiction
 ✔  Children’s Books

Non-fiction genres CLBR loves :

 Adult Coloring Books
 Writing Craft

Cover Lover Book Review
receives numerous requests,
therefore unable to grant every one.

I prefer to review physical copies. 
Due to issues with vertigo and migraines, I rarely review ebooks. 

If you'd like to offer a giveaway, 
please mention it in your request.

*If you have not received a reply within two weeks, CLBR is presently unable to review your book (simply due to the number of requests received, genre conflict, etc.) Feel free to resubmit at a later time.

**CLBR DOES NOT read stories involving demons and explicitly evil influences, or books shrouded in violence, rape, torture, abuse, intolerance, racism, or other forms of hatred.